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    How to Install a Windows Operating System

    So, you finished building your first PC, now what? One of the biggest concerns and worries most builders have when it comes to buying the parts and choosing to do everything yourself is in the uncertainty of how to get from components to a working system. The installation of the operating system
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    5 Tips for Building Your First Gaming PC

    It’s officially summer and many of you will be building your first gaming PC. Whether you’re working a seasonal job to save up money or your good grades earned you a sweet rig doesn’t matter; there are some things you should consider before you spend a single cent. Here are 5 tips for
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    How to Perform a Final Overview of Your PC Build

    Before powering on your newly-built PC it’s important to perform a final overview and make sure everything is connected properly. You probably have nothing to worry about if you followed the steps in our basic tutorial or read our eBook. However, here’s a handy checklist you should go through


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