“Zed” S340 by Nate

I’m Nate, and I love computers.

I work in the tech department of the local hospital, so my hobby is my job. This is my fifth build that was all new parts and not a scrap job from what I could scrounge, which I have been doing since I was 12. When I build a rig, I’m not looking for fancy or blingy. I just want it to work well first, and look good second. In this build, I got to have both.

I went with the NZXT S340 for its reasonable form factor and no nonsense style. With the closed off basement and expertly placed front intake, even having three 970s crammed in this case is no problem. The SSD mounts on the bottom are a perfect way to house, yet showcase my Intel 535s. And with no optical drive bays, there is plenty of room to mount the Kraken x61 in front, and keep my Intel i7-4790 frosty, even under load. And while frills aren’t the focus, they are certainly noticed through the large clear side panel that easily shows off my Klevv Genuine memory, and the customizable pump LED of the Kraken. Even the extra long HALE 90 1200 watt PSU, with it’s modular cabling fits in this case, with some mindful management of course.

Choosing these parts was a labor of love that took months to find exactly what I wanted. One fantasy build after another on Newegg got me closer and closer to concluding that this was the computer I envisioned. One order from Newegg, another from the NZXT store, and a few weeks later, Zed was born. I couldn’t be happier!

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