Yes, It’s Possible to Build a Gaming PC for Grownups

Recently, one of my favorite websites about technology published an article titled “Where are the gaming PCs for grown ups?” Normally, a title like this wouldn’t grab my attention too much, but I had to read it when I noticed the URL spelled out “gaming-pcs-look-terrible.”


In her piece, Adi Robertson makes some bold statements and claims “a gaming PC is something that conforms to a certain set of aesthetic rules” that include the following:

  • Only the colors red, green, black, and silver may be used
  • At least one bevel must be included
  • Something has to light up
  • The end result must be able to camouflage itself in a Terminator movie set

I admit there are a ton of gaming PCs that conform to these rules and NZXT has several cases that fit this mold. However, I don’t think Adi realizes that there are in fact gaming PCs for grown ups and not every PC gamer wants their PC to look like a stealth bomber.

I don’t know if Adi is a gamer, but part of what makes PC gaming fun is building a PC exactly how you want it. Some gamers want their computer to look like it belongs on the Terminator movie set because it adds to the gaming experience. And contrary to what Adi claims in the article, there are definitely gaming PCs for grown ups that are classy, sophisticated, and sleek.

We’ve seen our cases used for all types of builds. Our rapidly growing build gallery proves that a gaming PC can look a million different ways. Sure, not everyone will like the way you build it, but at least it’s yours.

Unlike console gaming which doesn’t really give you a choice in what your gaming machine looks like, PC gaming is all about options. PC gamers don’t have to settle for pre-built machines because they don’t have to. And contrary to popular belief, building your own PC isn’t hard.

Adi ends the article by saying the only way a gaming PC will go underneath her desk is if it’s “an extremely stylish one.” And that’s the problem. There’s a reason they’re called desktops and no other PC deserves to be raised high up on a pedestal quite like the one you built yourself.
Build your PC exactly how you want it, Adi. We promise you can build a beautiful one!