Why This Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Build a Gaming PC

So, you’re waiting for the chance to snag some shiny new components or build a brand new gaming rig. When is the right time to buy?

Don’t wait around forever! While it is true that you will find sales on PC components throughout the year, you can arguably find the greatest deals during this season. With holidays like Christmas just around the corner, companies are looking to capitalize on the spending fervor by passing some pretty sweet deals on to their shoppers.

However, it’s not just the sales that make this a season to build! More games are getting optimized, and hardware prices are falling. Combined with holiday discounts, this creates a winning formula for anyone who is tired of watching from the sidelines and is ready to jump in and start dishing out some damage of their own.

More Games Are Getting Optimized

I’ll go ahead and make the statement that games are getting better. And, while you might have certain titles that you favor more than others, I think that most of us can agree that the increasing trend of game optimization is a good thing.

As more game developers move accessibility to the front of their minds when designing new titles, players get to enjoy the benefits. Would you rather have more options or fewer options to run your game? Game optimization helps ensure that a greater number of players have the ability to run a game on their PC, even if they have some more outdated hardware.

What does this mean for individuals looking to build or upgrade their gaming rigs? It means that you don’t need to blow your wallet on top-of-the-line hardware to get into the gaming scene while still having an awesome experience. Good graphics and smooth frame rates can be enjoyed on a wider range of hardware, and you’ll get to enjoy these things while playing recently released titles!

So, if you’ve been holding out on diving into the deep-end of PC building because you’re on a budget (*raises hand*), or you’re worried that your current rig can’t hang (*raises hand and points to self*), I hope this article gives you the push you need to double check the system requirements on the game you’ve been ogling. Remember that you can go bargain hunting for some slightly older hardware and still enjoy a great gaming experience thanks to game optimization!

Hardware Prices Are Falling

New tech is constantly being released, and as we just discussed above, more modern games can be enjoyed on older hardware. As new models get pushed to production, the prices of older models get pushed down. Not only that, but the increasing adoption of certain technologies also aids in falling prices.

Take SSDs as an example. SSDs are arguably the best choice of hard drive for gaming, leading to faster load times and other benefits (and if you are unfamiliar with SSDs, be sure to check out my article that lists their features here on the NZXT blog). Previously, this technology has been less accessible due to disproportionately sized storage capacities and price tags; you simply had to pay a lot more money for not a lot of memory space.

Fortunately, SSDs these days not only boast larger capacities, but they are also adorned with less anxiety-inducing price tags. Armed with the new SSD you snagged on sale this season, you no longer have to shrug away from that 50GB game install.

Why This Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Build a Gaming PC
The Gen 1 RGB Controller showing off inside the S340

Don’t Forget the Essentials This Building Season

You’ve made the smart choice to not let the holiday sales slip by, and it’s time to start assembling your parts list. Be sure to take good care of your new investments, be they GPUs, CPUs, or perhaps even the beautiful new Gen 1 RGB Controller by NZXT. This means protecting your components from dust and heat – common PC killers.

Don’t worry – NZXT has your back. From cases that shield your hardware from dust and other harmful elements, to a variety of cooling options that keep components from overheating, the NZXT shop offers several options to help you build something extraordinary this holiday season.

Below are just some of my favorite items:


Why This Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Build a Gaming PC
H440 Windowless Edition

Dominant in both form and function, the NZXT H440 is a seriously sexy piece of kit. This PC case has a large windowpane for showing off all the other goodies you’ll find on sale this season during your building process, and it comes in a variety of flavors. Pick up the snow white H440 and throw a Santa hat on it if you want to score double points for flair. Maybe hang some mistletoe inside that sucker if you’re feeling particularly ambitious while showing off your new rig to that special someone.

Kraken Series CPU & GPU Liquid Coolers

Why This Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Build a Gaming PC

Seriously, heat can kill a PC really quickly. While having a personal space heater is a nice commodity during the winter season, it’s definitely not Value Town when it’s your gaming PC that’s heating your room. Poor cooling solutions will leave you out in the cold while everyone else’s rigs are still alive and kicking, so do yourself a favor and arm your computer with NZXT’s Kraken series liquid coolers for CPUs and GPUs.

They are easy to install, and between the different colored shields and integrated CAM control, these components can easily make any build look hot! They boast impressive functionality as well, being the world’s first closed-loop coolers to feature pumps that automatically adjust based on the needs of the cooler.

NZXT Has You Covered

Be sure to take advantage of this holiday season’s sales to build or upgrade your gaming PC. With a myriad of newly released titles that feature some great optimization, you’ll be able to enjoy any impending snow days the way they’re meant to be spent: gaming!

From the knowledge needed to properly select and install PC components, to producing some of the most extraordinary pieces of kit around, NZXT has you covered for the holiday season. Be sure to check out NZXT’s many resources about how to build a PC – it’s a fun process and can save you a lot of extra money! Stay glued to NZXT’s website as well for additional discounts and deals.

Happy holidays, and even more so, happy building!