What Makes the Manta Mini-ITX Case so Special?

If you haven’t heard by now, we recently launched our highly anticipated mini-ITX case, Manta. While some might consider us late to the game, we’ve actually been working on the project for what feels like an eternity. Small form factor has become increasingly popular but rather than jumping straight into it we thought hard about how we can improve the space and challenge the industry to move forward.

And that’s how Manta came to be: it’s a high-performance, exotic case that is uncompromising in every way.

What Makes the Manta Mini-ITX Case so Special?

Manta isn’t the smallest ITX case out there. In fact, it’s one of the biggest ITX options around and that was entirely intentional. With the largest window of any ITX case on the market, Manta was engineered to sit proud on top of your desk. It’s meant to be shown off to the world and it’s sized perfectly for that. Manta features the largest internal volume for build space and cable management, ensuring a beautiful build that is incredibly easy to work with.

You might wonder, why not just buy an m-ATX case or a mid-tower case at this point? And the answer is what makes Manta special and groundbreaking.


Manta is still small enough to fit comfortably on top of your desk without adding clutter but the internal space is still large enough to build a beautiful, high performance system. This was done using a brand new manufacturing process that has allowed us to create curved, structurally reinforced steel panels. The last time any PC case on the market had curves like the manta, it was made out of plastic.

It’ll be hard to notice without looking at it and feeling it in person, but all of the panels on the Manta are made entirely of curved steel. This new manufacturing process allowed us to create an elegant, expansive design with unbeatable build quality. Combined with its unmatched support for up to three radiators and ample ambient cooling, Manta marries all of the functional, award winning features of NZXT’s coveted mid tower designs with the space saving desktop appeal of small form factor systems.

If you’re looking for a case that’ll seriously turn some heads at a LAN party, look no further than the Manta.

What Makes the Manta Mini-ITX Case so Special?

For more information on the Manta and to check out the complete specifications, head on over to our product page. If you have any comments or feedback on the case, it is always welcomed and encouraged. Please let us know in the comments or write us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!