What is a PCIe SSD?

PCIe SSDs are a new way of adding speed to the already blazing fast world of solid state drives. While not technically brand new, PCIe SSDs have become more readily available with several manufacturers now offering affordable solutions.

PCIe SSD technology was created to circumvent the speed and capacity bottlenecks present in the SATA interface and are an awesome upgrade for any gaming PC.

Benefits of PCIe SSD

The biggest benefit of using a PCIe SSD over a SATA SSD is – as you can imagine – an extreme increase in read and write speeds. For example, Samsung’s new 950 PRO PCIe SSD can outperform most modern SATA SSDs by over 4.5 times in sequential read and over 2.5 times in sequential write. This means Samsung’s new SSD can read up to 2,500 MB/s and write up to 1,500 MB/s.

If you thought your system and games loaded fast now, you are in for quite a surprise. In addition to ludicrous speeds, PCIe SSDs also consume less power, making them a very popular addition in most laptops and ultrabooks available today.

Upgrading to PCIe SSD

With several motherboard manufacturers now offering built-in PCIe M.2 connectors on board, it’s now easier than ever to get equipped with the fastest, most compact SSDs on the market. For users with older motherboards, some manufacturers offer their PCIe SSDs in traditional PCIe 3.0 form factors that plug directly into the PCIe slots. There are also several PCIe adapters available if you’d like to use one of the newer M.2 SSDs with your older motherboard.

But should you upgrade now? Well if there’s anything to be learned from the world of memory, it’s that early adopters always pay a high premium. PCIe SSDs have certainly now reached a friendly price-point but like all SSD breakthroughs in the past, PCIe SSDs will continue to drop in price as faster, higher capacity models become available.

What is a PCIe SSD?

If you are still booting off of an HDD, the upgrade to even a SATA SSD is going to be tremendous. And with SATA SSD prices continuing to plummet, now is a better time than ever to upgrade to the wonders of SSDs.

On the other hand, if you are in the process of building a fancy new Skylake system, upgrading to a PCIe SSD alongside your DDR4 memory upgrade will future-proof your system and allow you to take full advantage of the fastest PC hardware now available.

Will You Upgrade to PCIe SSD?

While it is very apparent that the future of SSD technology lies in the PCI Express interface, the decision to upgrade lies entirely on your own personal preference. Both SATA and PCIe SSDs offer extremely fast load times for modern games and applications so it ultimately comes down to what your budget will allow. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments regarding an upgrade!