Updating Our Warranty: An XMP Story

Hey there,

We’re writing this post to update you on our policy surrounding XMP (or RAM overclocking). Many have expressed some justifiable concerns about our current approach. We share those concerns right alongside you. We are gamers and PC enthusiasts too and we’re here to serve the community we love. With that in mind, that’s why we’re making an official update to our warranty policy.

What is XMP?

XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) is a technology that allows you to change your memory settings by selecting a different profile that takes advantage of higher than standard memory speeds. To put it simply, XMP is the “easy button” of RAM overclocking, as manual RAM overclocking can be an unnecessary headache.

XMP Profiles allow you to run your high performance RAM (above industry DDR specs), at their guaranteed speeds. For example, by default your RAM might usually run at 2400mhz, if an XMP profile is not enabled. When enabling the XMP profile, you should be able to run your RAM at the manufacturer advertised speed of 3200mhz.

What’s the deal with the warranty?

In the past, enabling XMP would violate your NZXT warranty. Well, not anymore! Until now, we’ve regularly allowed customers to make warranty claims through customer service, even when they overclock, so it made all-the-more sense to adopt this into our official policy. However, we’d like to take a moment to explain why our policy discouraged it in the past, and why other hardware manufacturers may still have those warranty policies in place.

It may seem harmless, but enabling XMP is still a form of overclocking, just done automatically by enabling the XMP profile in your motherboard BIOS. Whenever the amount of voltage sent through a device is higher than stock voltage, there is a risk of hardware failure and higher temperatures. Not pretty. But if you’re willing to take that risk, we’re here for you.

Want to know how to enable XMP?

Let’s do this! We have a helpful article about how to get XMP enabled on your machine right here. Or if you prefer, you can chat with our friendly CS team and they can walk you through it. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to talk to.

What’s next?

We’re making a commitment to not only adjust our warranty, but to make the user experience even more robust. Clearer product information, more helpful articles, and even allowing you to enable XMP on BLD orders by default in the future. Speaking of which, we’re already testing hardware to explore shipping BLD PCs with XMP pre-enabled, but it’s a complicated task and we can’t guarantee a timeline. But just know that we hear you and we’re working on it.

We always want to listen and improve. We’ll never be done improving; it’s a constant process, but listening to community members like you will always keep us moving in the right direction.

And finally…

Thanks for being a part of the NZXT community. Thanks for being patient with us. We appreciate you and we want to be just like you when we grow up. If you want to chat with more community members about overclocking or any other hardware tips and tricks, join us on our Discord in our #hardware channel! We’d love to hang out with you.