How to Turn Your PC into an NES Classic Edition

If you couldn’t get your hands on a Nintendo’s new NES Classic Edition, you’re probably just as frustrated as I am. But instead of waiting around for these miniature consoles to go on sale again, I suggest you do what I did and turn your current PC into the ultimate NES Classic Edition. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) than you think and only takes a few minutes of your time.

You’ll be stomping turtles and eating mushrooms in no time!

Here’s how to turn your PC into a Nintendo NES Classic Edition Console:

Step 1: Download an Emulator

Emulators allow you to play console video games on your PC. These programs have been around for a long time, and a quick Google search will reveal a ton of options. Since we’re turning our PC into a Nintendo NES Classic Edition, I recommend you download NES BOX directly from the official Windows Store.

Step 2: Download ROMS

The legality of emulators and ROMS is a controversial topic that I won’t get into in this blog post. Instead, I recommend you read Nintendo’s official statement on ROMSΒ and determine for yourself what you want to do. If you decide to download ROMS, another Google search will point you in the right direction.

Step 3: Start Playing

The best part about emulators and ROMS is that you have access to the entire NES game library. The same holds true for SNES, Genesis, or any other console you played in the 80s and 90s. Unlike Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition, you’ll have a lot more than 30 games to keep you busy.

Now You’re Playing with Power!

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is the perfect product for anyone who wants to reminisce about the good old days of gaming. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to buy, and many gamers are anxiously waiting around for it to go on sale or paying scalpers hundreds of dollars. If you simply can’t wait or refuse to pay that much money for what turns out to be a glorified emulator, go ahead and give PC emulation a try!

Note: NZXT does not condone video game piracy and this article is for educational purposes only. Download emulators and ROMS at your own risk.