The Top 10 Fraggers in CS:GO

Written by Eric “Xenon” Yu and originally published by UNIKRN.

Just the other day we took a look at the world’s best Awper’s that will be attending the upcoming major. This time, we take a look at a much bigger picture and rank the top 10 fraggers that will be competing at MLG Columbus.

In order to create this ranking I used 2016 LAN statistics only. I mostly used overall rating and kill / death ratio to make my decisions; because after all, we are ranking people who are supposed to be really good at killing. I also considered ADR (average damage per round), kills per round, and the type of events that were played. The following ranking is strictly based off of statistics, with some numbers adjusted to make it as fair and accurate as possible (such as removing the MAX5 event from the calculations).

Here are the current top 10 fraggers in CS:GO

1. GuardiaN

guardian frag stat 1

GuardiaN’s performance these past few months have been outstanding. His sheer fragging power is incredible, and he’ll definitely be the most feared man at MLG Columbus. During matches it’s like he’s always a step ahead of you. He’s always in the right positions and the right time and his lightning fast reactions make him the deadliest fragger in the game. GuardiaN has had an overall rating of 1.19 along with a 1.33 KD ratio. He also has a 1.6 opening kill ratio.

2. Olofmeister

olof frag stat 1
Olofmeister was just shy of being placed first. In fact, he should practically share the spot with GuardiaN. However, there can only be one winner and Olofmeister took the shorter end of the straw. This ranking is focused on sheer fragging ability, and that’s where KD matters the most. Unfortunately for Olaf, he was just short of GuardiaN. Olofmeister could very well be the best player in the game at the moment. He has the intelligence and his fragging is even better. He has a 1.21 overall rating, a 1.29 KD ratio, and also has a 44.6% headshot percentage. It’s also interesting to note that Olofmeister has never had a rating below 1.14 from any LAN in 2016 so far. He’s had a 1.30 rating at IEM Katowice, 1.17 at ESL Barcelona, and 1.14 at SL i-League Finals.

3. NiKo

niko frag stat 1
Statistically, NiKo is by-far the number one player. He bypasses Olofmeister and GuardiaN in KD ratio and rating by huge numbers. However, the reason why I decided to place him behind them is because of the events he had played in. It felt unfair to rank him above Olof and GuardiaN because he had less-hard opponents to face. If we take out the Acer Predator Masters, he still has incredible stats. However, he did not play as many matches as Olofmeister or GuardiaN; therefore, he is ranked lower. Including the Acer Predator Masters, NiKo has a 1.34 overall rating and a 1.39 KD. He’s also only had a negative rating on 2 maps out of 19, and has never had a rating below 1.18 at any LAN event from 2016. Without the Acer Predator Masters, NiKo has a 1.29 overall rating and a 1.34 KD ratio. This guy is insane, and he’ll be a talent to watch for at the upcoming major.

4. kennyS

kennys frag stat 1
Despite EnVyUs’ slump, kennyS has still been a fragging machine. He is still an incredible talent and is usually the reason for when EnVyUs wins. Although he hasn’t had the tournament results he would like, he can still be proud of his individual performance. kennyS is still one of the elite players in the game, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His overall rating is 1.14, and his KD ratio is 1.24.

5. Flamie

flamie frag stat 1
2016 has been an incredible year for Flamie so far, and he’s emerged as one of the key components to the deadly Natus Vincere team. His rifling skills are one of the best in the world and his stats are there to back it up. He’s never had a negative KD rating at any events from the new year, and he’s only had a negative rating in 10 out of 37 maps played. Not bad for the 18 year old player from Russia. His overall rating is 1.15, and his KD ratio is 1.21. He also averaged 83.5 damage per round, and also has a 53.8 headshot percentage.

6. FalleN

fallen frag stat 1
FalleN has become one of the best Awpers in the world; and as a result, he’s become one of the best fraggers in the world. For FalleN’s statistics, we removed the MAX5 Invitational for obvious reasons. With the invitational removed, FalleN has had a 1.12 rating and a 1.22 KD. He also has a 2.13 opening kill ratio,which is higher than his rival Awpers, kennyS and GuardiaN. Not only has he been an effective fragger (which is what this ranking is about), but he has also lead Luminosity Gaming to some pretty good results.

7. Device

device frag stat 1
Astralis has been playing a lot of Counter-Strike, they’ve played 6 LAN tournaments in 2016. Interestingly enough, Device has never had a rating below 1.02 at any of those tournaments. He’s been consistent at every tournament he’s played in, never having a bad performance. Device is certainly a good fragger, and we’ll get to see whether or not he can end Astralis’ curse at the upcoming major. Device has had an overall rating of 1.12 and a KD of 1.17. He’s played 1200 rounds.

8. Dupreeh

dupreeh frag stat 1
Just like Device, Dupreeh has never had a negative performance at any of the 6 LAN tournaments he’s played in. His lowest rating was 1.02. He’s had an overall rating of 1.11 and a KD of 1.15. Dupreeh has actually had more kills with the deagle than the USP-S, as he’s had 53 deagle kills and 52 USP-S kills.

9. JW

JW frag stat 1
JW has definitely stepped it up in terms of individual performance. The previous year JW was in a sort of “slump”, but it seems like he’s drastically improved this year. He’s been pretty consistent on LAN’s and also had a 1.12 rating at IEM Katowice with a +48 kill differential. JW currently has a 1.08 overall rating and a 1.16 KD ratio.

10. Coldzera

coldzera frag stat 1

Just like FalleN, I removed the MAX5 Invitational from Coldzera’s statistics. Even with them removed, Coldzera still has good enough statistics to fit in the top 10 ranking. He has a 1.09 overall rating and a 1.14 KD ratio. Coldzera also has a 70.6% success rate in 1v1 clutches, and has had more kills with the MAC-10 than the galil, glock, famas, or deagle.

Who do you think is the the best fragger in CS:GO?