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Hereโ€™s our weekly round-up:


NZXT has partnered with Nvidia and Ubisoft to give away a limited-edition H510 Siege PC and three copies of Rainbow Six Siege!

This new, limited edition NZXT H510 Siege case allows you to display both your PC components and your operation readiness. This case is themed like a barricade and features a Rainbox 6 logo on the front panel. Weapons Free.

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In celebration of Embrace Your Geekness day, we tasked our community members with submitting a picture of their battlestations and telling us what makes them geeky!

Congratulations to our winner @axepect! Having two keyboards for one PC is, in fact, geeky!

And here are some of our other favorites from the community:

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Not gonna lie, this is weird, but aren’t we all a little weird?

Congratulations to EdoVro#1985 for submitting the winning wallpaper.

Submit your own design into the #wallpapers channel for a chance to win a purple NZXTee-shirt!


If you ask Solid Snake he will tell you never to underestimate a cardboard box for it can contain your doom, or your setup.

That’s what happened this week with this impromptu U-Haul box setup!

Congratulations Magnimosity#0725 for submitting the winning entry.

Submit your own battlestation into the #setups channel for a chance to win a purple NZXTee-shirt!


This week on the podcast, we are led by the incredibly verbose Denis from the community team!

Join Denis as he answers your questions and discusses the Nintendo 64, Broadway musicals, and hot cocoa!

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