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Hereโ€™s our weekly round-up:


Did you know that your PC can help in the battle against COVID-19?

The team at Folding@Home have designed a software that, in a couple clicks, can contribute to important research in treating and curing a number of diseases.

Weโ€™ve started our own team at NZXT, and we want you to join the fight.

Learn more about their work and how to get involved here.


One word. Clean.

Congratulations to Ccat6#6380 for having the most popular entry!

Submit your entry into the #setups channel for a chance to win a purple NZXTee-shirt and 800 Pucci Cup Coins!


This week on the podcast, the crew are joined by NZXTโ€™s Marketing Operator: Mike!

Mike and the crew discuss tea, bluegrass music, and freedom units.

For a live experience, tune into the Discord server every Thursday at 10AM PT!


Announcing the NZXT Design Contest #5!

Design your best NZXT themed artwork for a chance to get your masterpiece turned into limited-edition stickers weโ€™ll give away on the NZXT ๐Ÿ’œ CLUB Discord server!

  • Only one design submission will win and NZXT will never make these stickers again!
  • 30 server members (5 from each CLUB rank + 5 from server boosters) will win 5 limited-edition stickers!
  • Top 5 finalists will receive 5 limited-edition stickers and earn 500 Pucci Cup Coins!
  • Winning entry will receive 10 limited-edition stickers and 1,000 Pucci Cup Coins!

To participate, check out the NZXT ๐Ÿ’œ CLUB Discord server and visit the #info channel!


Ride the NZXT wave.

Congratulations to Spoopy#4645 for submitting the winning wallpaper.

Submit your own design into the #wallpapers channel for a chance to win a purple NZXTee-shirt and 800 Pucci Cup Coins!


Calling all PC enthusiasts!

NZXT is looking for a Computer Building Technician to manage a small assembly line for custom built PCs. This is a challenging new role for the company and we are looking for passionate individuals who enjoy building computers.

At NZXT, youโ€™ll be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who love PCs and gaming just as much as you do.

Click here for more information.

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