The Future of PC Gaming Looks Bright

NZXT products are created for PC gamers. And because everyone that works for our company is also a PC gamer, it’s important for people to know that we are just as passionate about PC gaming as our customers.

We have a lot of big plans for future products and we’re always keeping an eye on what other PC gaming companies are doing. Not because we want to imitate them, but because we want to be inspired by them. And judging by what we’re seeing out there, the future of PC gaming looks bright.

Here are some of the products we can’t get enough of at NZXT:

Oculus Rift


Part of the reason we got an Oculus Rift development kit at NZXT is to get a close up experience and see for ourselves what the big fuss is all about. After trying out the unit for a few minutes we all agreed that it definitely lives up to the hype. The Oculus Rift has the potential to shift the momentum of gaming fully toward the PC the same way the Wii remote and Kinect did for consoles. I can’t wait for the consumer version to be released so I can play all my favorite first-person shooter games!

Available: Q1 2016

Steam Machines


Onboard graphics have come a long way and both Intel and AMD have made great strides in providing PC gamers the ability to play games without the need for an expensive graphics card. The perfect example of this are Steam Machines that bring all the greatest games straight into people’s living room in a convenient package. And because we’ll be able to stream games at 1080p and at 60 fps, PC gaming could just be “gaming” one day.

Available: November 2015

Kickstarter Games


Last year marked the beginning of the  Kickstarter game movement as many titles hit the market. Not all of the games were great, but many of them were fantastic. These games also reshaped the way I think about game development and hopefully Kickstarter will encourage more developers to take risks. I’ve personally backed several titles including Satellite Reign, Project Eternity, and Star Citizen because I believe in what they are doing. Who said the PC couldn’t get exclusive tiles? Kickstarter proved that the PC gaming community is capable of great things if we band together.

Available: Now

What’s in Store for the Future of PC Gaming?

These products are just some of things that excite me and the NZXT staff about PC gaming. We strongly believe that the PC platform is the perfect ecosystem where developers and hardware manufacturers can work together and provide the best experience to customers. A recent example of this is the Virtuix Omni that allows gamers to walk, run, strafe, and jump on a treadmill while they are fully immersed in a virtual reality game.

That’s amazing.

I play a lot of video games and own every console along with multiple PCs because not every game is accessible on every platform. Because of the the PCs open nature, I believe it can be the single platform for gaming as long as the community keeps being innovative and collaborative like in the examples listed above.

Why should gamers be forced to purchase a device just to play one or two games?