The Best Gaming PC Upgrades If You Can’t Find a New GPU

Too Slow!

You’ve been searching for the best gaming PC upgrades and that coveted GPU that you’ve had your eye on has once again slipped through your fingers before you had a chance to smash the “buy” button. The words “in stock” have been quickly replaced with “tough luck, loser”, or at least that’s what it feels like!

In addition to being out of stock, the graphics cards are also overpriced! Why are they so expensive and hard to obtain? The answer to that question is easy – crypto miners! Us gamers have several words to describe crypto miners but for the sake of keeping this article friendly for all, we’ll just use the adjective, “pesky”, to say the very least. So, what do you do now? We’ll tell you what to do! Go get yourself some of the best gaming PC upgrades from NZXT!


Before we explore the best gaming PC upgrades that we have to offer, let’s look at the true focus of this article:

What Is Crypto Mining?

For those of you who are asking, “what is a crypto miner”, you won’t find any detailed description of cryptocurrency or crypto mining in this article. However, just know that they are the reason why our gaming GPUs have become so expensive and rare. If you’d like to learn more, you can find plenty of information with a simple google search. If you do go poking around, just be sure to avoid the dark side!

Instead, we’ve written this article for the frustrated gamers and have included some of our best gaming PC upgrades if you can’t get yourself a new GPU. Give your F5 key a break and stop trying to waste money on those inflated graphics cards. Now is a great time to give your rig some TLC in other areas while you wait for the prices to come down.

Ready to see some of our best gaming PC upgrades from NZXT? Let’s jump right in:

Best Gaming PC Upgrades

Performance Upgrades – Lower Temps And Improve System Performance

In this section, you will find upgrades that will improve graphical performance and overall system performance. You’d be surprised by how much you can improve your performance just by applying some indirect upgrades! (Hint Hint: Kraken G12…)


This is by far the best upgrade that you can purchase if you are looking to directly improve graphical performance. This bracket allows you to mount an AIO to your current graphics card and improve cooling potential by up to 40%. Your card will be well below the thermal throttle limit and run at maximum clock speeds! You can even apply an overclock and squeeze even more juice out of your current graphics card. Read our article on “How to Boost GPU Performance without a New GPU” to learn more.


Kraken X72/X62/X52/X42/M22

Are you still cooling your CPU on air maxing out on your current CPU clock speeds? If so, it may be time to swap to an AIO cooler and apply an even greater overclock to your CPU. If overclocking isn’t your thing, you can still get dramatically lower CPU temps and prolong the life of your CPU. Take a look at our Kraken 101 article and learn all there is to know about our awesome AIO coolers.


Aer F

Still running stock case fans and want to improve case airflow and reduce noise levels? The Aer F can do just that! These fans were designed with airflow in mind and will help direct greater airflow over critical components and keep your system nice a cool. Best of all, these premium fans are PWM! This will help reduce the noise levels in your system and let you game on a cool and quiet system. For that extra flair, check out the Aer Trims listed below.


If you have an AIO cooler already but you’d like to replace the radiator fans, snag a couple of our Aer P fans and improve the cooling potential for your current setup. The thick fan blades are perfect for radiators and were designed to push large amounts of air through tight areas and greatly improve airflow that would otherwise be obstructed. Want to add some color, check out the Aer Trims listed below.


For those who are looking to up their fan curve game, we’ve made it a whole lot easier. Grab one of these fan controllers and automatically control all of your fans in one central location using our CAM software. This fan controller also has our Adaptive Noise Reduction technology built right in. This feature will automatically measure your system and create custom fan curves that can reduce fan noise up to 40%!

Aesthetic Upgrades – Just For Fun!

In this section, you will find upgrades that will improve your overall build aesthetic. You’ve taken the time to route your cables to near perfection. Now it’s time to add some RGB goodness and show it off even more! Here are some of the best gaming PC upgrades just for fun!

Gen 1 RGB ControllerGen 1 RGB Controller

MOAR RGB! We know you want to! If you’ve seen a sexy computer with amazing colors and lighting patterns, chances are, it’s powered by our Gen 1 RGB Controller. This little box takes your PC out of the dark corner and brings it front row center in the spotlight. Mount the 4 magnetic RGB strips anywhere and you are set! You can then download our CAM software and control the RGB settings all from an easy to use interface. Get it!


The Gen 1 RGB Controller’s best friend! Want to add more than just case lighting? Pair our Gen 1 RGB Controller up with the Aer RGB and continue the lighting effects a step further. For even more RGB, grab one of our Kraken coolers and complete this trifecta of RGB goodness.


You can’t throw in some Aer P or Aer F fans without the trims! Remove the default grey and add some color. It’s easy to install and snaps into place within seconds. You can even paint them yourself in order to match that unique color scheme you’ve been dreaming about. Did someone say gaming mod PC?


Do you believe? You better! If you’re not familiar with the infamous NZXT puck, you can go puck yourself. No literally, grab yourself a puck and watch as you instantly transform into a cable management god. You’ll even gain a special ability that allows your headphones to float in mid-air! Magic? Yup! (Actually, it’s just magnets but it’s still pretty impressive!)


Not really a direct gaming PC upgrade but still just as important for any true PC gamer. You spend a lot of time playing games so why not treat yourself to a quality gaming chair that’s designed to keep you comfortable during those long gaming sessions? Explore Vertagear’s SL2000 gaming chair in NZXT purple if you’re down to rep our squad.

Game On!

That’s it! Are you planning on upgrading? If so, let us know which of our best gaming PC upgrades interest you the most! Also, let us know in the comments section below what other upgrades you’d like to see. Thanks for reading!