The Average Gaming PC is Not so Average

Part of the fun in building a gaming PC is creating a unique machine that meets your gaming needs while simultaneously satisfying your aesthetic standards. Building a PC is an opportunity to express yourself in a way other gamers can’t. It’s probably the biggest reason many of you take the time to build a PC instead of buying the same generic box as everyone else.

If you took apart 100 gaming PCs you’d probably find 100 different hardware configurations inside. These components may all function the same, but every builder chooses specific parts based on different criteria. However, for those of you who are solely focused on gaming performance (and which PC gamer isn’t?), there are some select parts that are powering your PC.

If you’ve ever wondered how your gaming PC stacks up against the competition, today is your lucky day.

We’ve compiled hardware data from active CAM users to determine what the “average gaming PC” is composed of. And with over 35,000 different PCs currently running CAM, you’ll definitely want to compare your parts list with this lineup before starting your next build.

You’ll also realize that the average gaming PC isn’t so average.

[Infographic] The Average Gaming PC is Not so Average

Want to know how your PC stacks up against the competition?

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