Let’s Build a PC w/ OpTicDi3seL!

OpTic Di3seL is the newest member of Team NZXT and we're celebrating by building a PC and giving away some prizes!
14 sec read

Let’s Build a PC with LOLRENAYNAY!

We're welcoming LOLRENAYNAY to Team NZXT with an awesome SteelSeries giveaway!
7 sec read

Let’s Build a PC w/ Ladee Danger!

Can a cosplayer build a PC? Tune in and find out!
22 sec read

Let’s Build a PC w/ AVA!

Ava dropped by NZXT headquarters to build her very own PC!
12 sec read

Let’s Build a PC w/ FemSteph!

Watch the stream to learn how BLD works, why FemSteph chose us to build her a PC, and how you can get your very...
16 sec read

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Twitch Broadcasting Settings

If you are new to the world of live streaming on Twitch, its myriad of settings requirements might have your head spinning.
Mason Dunlap
8 min read

Our Favorite Sights from TwitchCon 2015

Nestled inside one of the most historic cities in the world last weekend was an event focused on the future.
39 sec read