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Photo Recap: Rocket League Championship Series 3 Finals

This RLCS event was bigger than ever as 10 teams competed over 3 days for a chance to win their part of a $150,000...
38 sec read

RLCS Season 2: Midseason Mayhem Recap

While the Mayhem tournament didn’t affect RLCS standings, the stakes remained high with a $20,000 combined prize pool on the line!
5 min read

RLCS Season 2 Recap: Week 2

The RLCS competition heated up as teams jockeyed for the top spots in each region’s standings.
4 min read

RLCS Season 2 Recap: Week 1

Here’s what happened week 1 of RLCS season 2.
1 min read

Are Rocket League Crates Good or Bad for the Game?

Find out why I’ve been excited for the Rocket League crate system since the day it was announced and why I think it nets...
Mason Dunlap
1 min read

Why Pros Play Rocket League on PC Instead of Console

Mason interviewed pro Rocket League player Turtle from team Exodus to find out why professional players choose PC vs console!
Mason Dunlap
1 min read

Rocket League Tips: The 3 Best Camera Settings to Tweak!

In this Rocket League tutorial video, Mason shows you the 3 best camera settings you should change!
Mason Dunlap
56 sec read

Event Recap: Rocket League Championship Series Finals

NZXT is and always will be the very first sponsor of the RLCS, and we can’t wait to keep supporting the game through sponsorship...
Mason Dunlap
50 sec read

How to Build a $450 Gaming PC Optimized for Rocket League

Want to build a gaming PC for the same price as a console? Check out our Rocket League Orange Team S340 Build Guide!
Mason Dunlap
3 min read