noctis 450

#NZXTBUILDS: “Villain” Noctis 450 by NCIX

To help get you in the Halloween spirit, NCIX PC is releasing the Villain PC; instead of dressing yourself up (you're too old for...
12 sec read

How to Choose a PC Case

The PC case should be the first piece of hardware added to your parts list - here’s why!
2 min read

Build Log: MK.V Noctis 450 by @NXTGENPC

I named my build "MK.V" because I’m a big Iron Man fanatic. And when it came to my part selection, I chose the Noctis...
1 min read

Siren NOCTIS 450 Built by EVATECH

This build proves the NOCTIS 450 is definitely a bold statement!
1 sec read

How Conceptual Design Influenced the Noctis 450

NZXT is proud to bring bold back and the Noctis 450 stands as one of NZXT’s most daring, stunning, and futuristic cases yet.
1 min read

GIGABYTE G1 Gaming Noctis 450′ by Raptor Tech Hardware

The white edition of the Noctis 450 was the perfect canvas for creating a one-of-a-kind GIGABYTE G1 build!
4 sec read

“Maximus” Noctis 450 by Deus Maximus

Hi! I'm Deus Maximus, a 38 year old IT Professional from Queensland, Australia who's been building his own PC's since 1996.
1 min read

“Bat Girl” Noctis 450 by Alex DiLuzio

I'm Alex, a long time custom PC builder. I've been building PC's since high school, and eventually got bored playing Legos and having the...
46 sec read

How to Build a PC with a Theme

Whether you want to build a PC from the ground up or are overhauling your trusty old rig, a strong theme can help guide...
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