Should You Use a Standing Desk?

If you’ve been to a modern office environment or furniture store in the past couple of years, you’ve probably seen an increase in standing desk options. Toting tons of positive health benefits such as reduced lower back pain, increased calorie burning, and even higher productivity and energy levels – it’s no wonder standing desks have become the newest craze in office furniture. While several studies have been conducted to verify the claims of using a standing desk for prolonged periods of time, there hasn’t been much said about gaming on these desks.

Can you game on a standing desk?

Sitting at a desk and working for extended periods of time can be very taxing on your body, so it’s only natural for office furniture to evolve to create more ergonomic solutions. However, as any PC gamer can tell you, ergonomics make a huge difference when gaming for long periods of time too. Most of us gamers think about the ergonomics of our peripherals: the shape of our mice, the comfort of our headsets and the wrist support for our keyboards. It wasn’t until gaming chair brands like DXRacer started creating a conversation about comfort and ergonomics outside of peripherals that we really began thinking about other options.

Given their benefits for office work, would standing desks help in prolonged gaming sessions? If you can comfortably game while standing up, a standing desk is certainly something you should consider. Even for a casual PC gamer that only spends an hour or two at the desk every day, doing so while standing up is actually equivalent to running several marathons a year. Just like in an office, standing up for the entire day can be challenge, possibly even more so while gaming. That’s why we would highly recommend an easily adjustable standing desk.

You can even create a simple flow for yourself to just stand up while waiting in game room lobbies, queues or performing simple tasks. When it comes time for intense battles and fast-paced action, lower the desk and get comfortable. Rather than going all in and standing for the rest of your PC gaming days, find a nice compromise and you’ll be able to reap the health benefits of a standing desk while also staying comfortable with your familiar playstyle.

Do you game on a standing desk?

There are tons of great brands out there making adjustable standing desks so we won’t go ahead and name them all but Uplift, Geekdesk, Jarvis and StandDesk are just a few examples. You should definitely try one out before you decide to make the purchase. Let us know your thoughts on standing desks in the comments below! We’d love to hear if you enjoy or dislike gaming on a standing desk.