Ryzen 5000 Series Update

Hey there,

**Update: AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s are supported in NZXT CAM as of v4.16.0**

We just wanted to let you know that there is an issue where AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU temperatures are not displaying in NZXT CAM. The issue is due to AMD changing the way the new CPUs report temperature data–and we’re working on it!

Currently, NZXT CAM isn’t compatible with this new method. However, we’ve identified a fix that will allow NZXT CAM to report temperatures for Ryzen 5000 series CPUs soon. If you’d like an estimate on when this fix will be implemented, here’s what we’re thinking:

NZXT CAM Beta: Already live on v4.16.0-b (Patch Notes)

NZXT CAM: Already live on v4.16.0 (Patch Notes)

You can check back to this blog for any potential changes, as we’ll be updating it with any developments. In the meantime, please use AMD’s Ryzen Master software to get your CPU temperatures. Also, if you are using NZXT CAM to set your cooling profiles based on CPU temperatures, we recommend that you temporarily change it to either a fixed fan profile or one based on a different criteria, such as to GPU temps or liquid temperature, to ensure that your CPU is getting the proper cooling.

Thanks for understanding! And please feel free to contact our Customer Support team if you have any issues or questions regarding AMD Ryzen 5000 series compatibility, Kraken AIO liquid coolers, or NZXT CAM.