Rocket League Tips: How to Powerslide

Welcome to the first of many Rocket League tutorial videos by NZXT! My name’s Mason – I play an unhealthy amount of Rocket League and fly upside-down way too much, and I’ll be your guide here for all things NZXT Rocket League!

Before you start trying to learn more advanced maneuvers like reverse aerials and redirects (don’t worry, we will get to those!), you need to build a solid foundation with a mastery of the basics.

Today, I’m giving you your first building block: the powerslide.

Why do you need to learn Rocket League powerslides?

Rocket League is all about timing and positioning. Powersliding kills two birds with one stone: it helps you get your car into the proper position, and it helps you do it faster.

As a newer Rocket League player, you will find that you are primarily concerned with making sure that your car’s nose is facing the ball so that you can hit it easily. Powersliding lets you make sharper turns than normal; therefore, powersliding helps you accomplish your goal of always facing the ball.

Even if you just picked up Rocket League for the first time today, it is an extremely good idea to start practicing powersliding right away. It is a fundamental technique at the higher levels, and it will give you an advantage against the lower ranks who are not using powerslides. It will also help give you a greater sense of car control and positioning early on.


Thank you for watching, and congratulations – you are on your way to becoming a great player by building a solid foundation early! Follow the NZXT blog for more videos and articles about how to get better at Rocket League. You can also watch me stream the game live at – ask me questions, play with NZXT staff, and even catch professional players, Rocket League Central, and Psyonix Studios special guests on our channel!

I’ll see you in the pitch!