Rocket League Tips: How to Perform Air Dribbles from Off the Wall


Arguably one of the most mechanically challenging and beautiful techniques Rocket League: the air dribble. Add in the element of starting your air dribble from being sideways on the cage’s wall, and you’ve got one of the most difficult shots to pull off in a match. Stick one, however, and you’ll be a glorified god of the rocket-powered battlefield (or at least get a lot of karma on the subreddit).

Its high demand for proper mechanical control aside, the individual elements of an off-the-wall air dribble are actually not that complicated when you break them all down. Personally, I separate them into two major categories.

First – The Wall Touch

The first part of an off-the-wall air dribble is the touch you make to pop the ball away from the cage wall. This touch needs to be soft and controlled. Watch the video to learn the 3 major components to doing the wall touch properly!

Second – The Air Carry

The second part of an air dribble is the part where you actually carry the ball through the air. This is done by lightly tapping the bottom of the ball repeatedly. By applying frequent upward force, you’re able to effectively balance the ball on the tip of your car’s nose. This requires a keen eye, good fine motor skills, map awareness, and boost control. Again, watch to video to gain a better understanding of the nuances involved!

Putting it All Together

Once you’re able to balance the ball on your car’s nose properly and understand how to start a dribble from off of the wall, you need to combine the two to create a full-fledged air dribble.

An air dribble’s primary advantage is that you are able to maintain control of the ball at all times and make adjustments mid-air. This makes it very difficult for an opponent to properly challenge your shot; as soon as they commit to an aerial to challenge your air dribble, you can evade them by changing the ball’s trajectory mid-flight.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy, but if you’re able to execute it properly, you can score some of the flashiest goals known to Rocket League.

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