Rocket League Montage – Aerial Goals, Freestyles, Air Dribbles by NZXT!

The NZXT team is out for a casual company dinner when our founder Johnny walks in and sits down across from me: “So I just heard about the Rocket League Championship Series – it sounds pretty cool, and I know you love Rocket League. Tell me why you think we should sponsor this.”

I think Johnny wishes he’d placed his order before asking me this question, because I’m about to talk his ears off. I proceed to emphatically present everything I can think of about why Rocket League is destined to be the next big eSport and how great its community and the developers are. Johnny miraculously manages to survive my suffocating enthusiasm for all things rocket car ball, thanks me for my explanation, and tells me he’ll think things over.

And he did think things over!

Flash forward to PAX East 2016: I’m chilling in our hotel room making plans to meet up with James “Jamesbot” Villar and Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons for lunch the next day when I get a meeting invitation from the team back in LA. It’s to discuss our official sponsorship of the RLCS.


It makes me incredibly excited and proud to be a part of NZXT. We are the first sponsor of the RLCS, and we can’t wait to set the bar high for taking care of the Rocket League community. I sincerely hope that our actions encourage others to step in and support the scene. My friends are all players, developers, and pros of Rocket League – and now, as a member of NZXT, my colleagues and I will be working harder than ever to support their dreams of seeing this game take the world by Storm. Or maybe C-Block.

So here we are – we can’t wait to see you all in the Twitch stream at! Since we know many of you are itching for some NZXT swag, we’ve set up our very own Rocket League hub at where you can sign up for RLCS-exclusive giveaways, as well as find all the NZXT Rocket League content you can shake a Rubber Ducky antenna at (don’t actually shake Ducktane, he gets sick easily).

Here’s our latest piece of Rocket League goodness: a gameplay montage by yours truly (my first ever!). We hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow our blog for more content, we’ll see you in the pitch!