RLCS Season 2 Recap: Week 2

The Rocket League Championship Series rolled into Week 2 of League Play this past weekend. The competition heated up as teams jockeyed for the top spots in each region’s standings.

Here’s what happened in Week 2 of RLCS season 2:

North America

NA League Play in Week 2 could be best described as ‘the week of sweeps and near sweeps’.

Defending champions G2 Esports faced off against Exodus to kick off the weekend’s matches.
G2 was hungry to prove themselves after losing both of their Week 1 sets. Exodus wasted no time making their presence known with GarrettG going big, making 8 goals in the set, and Turtle scoring 4 times in the series.

GarretG’s passing to Turtle was on display particularly during game 3:

Exodus’ tight defense and offensive pressure held G2 down to 3 goals over the course of the series as they swept G2, 3-0.

G2’s Kronovi, 0ver Zer0 & Lachinio played their Week 2 matches from TwitchCon, which may have affected the team’s collective psyche.

Exodus, seeking to maintain their perfect record, took on Take 3 in the second matchup of the day. Zanejackey had 6 saves in the series for Take 3 but Exodus was again able to lock down their opponent’s ability to score. Exodus won the series toppling Take 3 in a 3-0 sweep to top off their perfect day.

Take 3 tried to regroup for their next set but Revival’s Genocop,HotWheelsSid (HWS) & Chrome seemed to have Take 3’s number in their sights.

Chrome & HWS’ teamwork was on display during this play in game 3:

Revival’s game 3 prowess, with 11 shots on goal and 4 made goals by Chrome, allowed Revival to run away with the series upsetting Take 3 in a 3-0 sweep.

Revival, wanting to keep their momentum going, sought to doom Deception to the same fate as their previous opponents. Deception, living up to their name, turned the tables on Revival with Vince, Bell & CorruptedG scoring goals in each game. Deception snowballed into game 3, preventing Revival from scoring while putting 5 goals in the net, sweeping Revival 3-0 in the set.

Deception next met up with Genesis, in a close series. Aware of their opponent’s strong showing the match before, Pluto, Espeon & Klassux from Genesis leaned on smart positioning and team plays to defeat Deception 3-1.

Kings of Urban, seeking their first win of League Play, was firing on all cylinders during their much-anticipated set with Genesis.

SadJunior quickly put an end to overtime in game 1 with this post-kickoff longshot:

SadJunior, Jacob & Fireburner each took a turn as the game denoted “MVP” in the Kings’ 3-1 win over Genesis.

VindicatorGG (the recently acquired roster of Vendetta) squared off against Kings of Urban in the last matchup of the night. Vindicator was debuting not only a new sponsor organization but a re-arranged lineup in DarkFire, Torment, Karma & Matt. DarkFire & Karma were able to get Vindicator on the scoreboard with their goals in a game 3 win. Kings of Urban reigned supreme in game 4, securing a 3-1 victory in their second set of the day.

Kings of Urban followed up their wins later announcing they were signed by NRG eSports, an organization helmed by Sacramento Kings Co-Owners Andy Miller & Mark Mastrov & Pro-Athlete investors/advisors Shaquille O’Neal & Alex Rodriguez, among others.

Exodus’ solid Week 1 and Week 2 gameplay set them apart, putting them on top of the NA standings as the sole undefeated team.



European League Play was filled to the brim with close matchups as several sets went the distance to five games. OhMyDog turned out to be a formidable opponent for Northern Gaming, with OMD taking a game off of Northern with their unique map pick, Neo Tokyo, in Game 3.

The set went on to a game 5 matchup where Turbopolsa took matters into his own hands, scoring 3 goals to secure OhMyDog’s 3-2 upset of Northern.

Northern Gaming quickly refocused themselves for their set against Mockit Aces. Northern Gaming’s passing plays, such as this one between remkoe, Miztik & Maestro, allowed them to go toe-to-toe with Mockit’s aggressive playstyle.

Northern Gaming ultimately succeeded in taking down Mockit Aces 3-2 in a fast-paced brawl.

The Mockit Aces versus RedEye series continued the five-game trend in a back and forth set. Mockit’s ViolentPanda scored 4 goals in their game 1 win while RedEye’s Dadooh, Chausette & Tequilaz all contributed to wins in game 2 & 3 putting them within striking distance of taking the series. Paschy90 & Deevo had other plans, scoring critical goals in game 4 & 5 that lead Mockit Aces to a 3-2 victory in the set.

Summit player Sebadam hyped-up his teammates during an entertaining pre-game interview, but back-to-back overtime goals in the first two games from RedEye’s Chausette ended in a 3-0 series sweep.

Precision Z’s Sikii, Skyline & Kaydop had dominant performances out of the gate, resulting in another 3-0 sweep of Summit.

Going into the final matches of the weekend, many doubted how well FlipSid3 Tactics could perform without team member gReazy who was temporarily unavailable. The team struck gold by bringing on well-known freestyler JHZER as a sub.

FlipSid3 Tactics went on to defeat Precision Z 3-1, with incredible goals such as this tag-team aerial between Kuxir97 & JHZER:

FlipSid3 Tactics’ battle against REUNITED proved more challenging with REUNITED’s Snaski scoring 4 goals alongside 2 goals from Doomsee in a 7-1 rout of FlipSid3 in game 2. ELMP’s 4 goals in REUNITED’s game 3 win, made it appear they could pull the rug right out from under last season’s finalists. FlipSid3 pushed back in the final two games with a full on offensive attack, taking a high number of shots on goal (13 & 10 respectively). F3’s offensive maneuvering won them the set 3-2, placing them atop the EU standings as the only undefeated EU team.


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