RLCS Season 2: Midseason Mayhem Recap

Teams in the Rocket League Championship Series played a totally unique set of matches during a break in RLCS League Play. Dubbed ‘Midseason Mayhem’, the 8 North American & 8 European teams faced off in a region specific, single-elimination tournament with non-standard arenas & mutators chosen by viewers in the broadcast’s Twitch chat. While the Mayhem tournament didn’t affect RLCS standings, the stakes remained high with a $20,000 combined prize pool on the line!

Non-Regulation arenas viewers could vote on included: Cosmic, Double Goal, Neo Tokyo, Octagon, Pillars, Utopia Retro and Wasteland.

Wacky Mutator combinations viewers chose from were:


Each series was a Best of 5 matchup with the following format:

Game 1: Top voted non-regulation arena

Game 2: Runner-up non-regulation arena

Game 3: Top voted Mutators on a standard arena

Game 4: Runner-up Mutators on a standard arena

Game 5: Rumble! on a standard arena

Team NZXT Ambassador and RLCS caster Jamesbot drew the seeds for North America & Europe.

Here’s what happened during Midseason Mayhem

North America

First Round

Deception took on G2 Esports in the first series of the weekend. Viewers wasted no time making their mark on Midseason Mayhem choosing Double Goal and Octagon as the first and second non-standard arenas to be played on. Deception had several impressive saves, like this one on Double Goal:

Game 1 & 2 were close but G2 managed to adapt quickly to squeak out victories. Game 3’s Fisticuffs mutator (Rumble! mode but without power-ups that affect cars) suited Kronovi well, scoring 5 goals and his use of Plunger power-ups earning him the title “Plunger King”, in G2’s sweep of the series 3-0.

NRG eSports’ set against Exodus turned out to be a fairly even matchup. Exodus seemed more at home on the tri-laned ‘Pillars’ arena during Game 1 while NRG had success with Cosmic & the ‘Friendly Fire!’ mutator of Games 2 & 3. A Double demo from NRG during game 3 resulted in this crazy goal:

The series went to a game 5 ‘Rumble’ where GarrettG’s 3 goals and Moses’ 3 saves helped secured the team’s win of the set. Exodus’ solid defense was on full display with the squad racking up 30 saves over the course of 5 games.

Take 3 and VindicatorGG had a tug-of-war of a series. Take 3 took the first 2 games on Utopia Retro and Neo Tokyo, but VindicatorGG rallied back in the next 2 games with mutators to force a game 5. Vince from Vindicator made great use of the magnet to keep Game 5 close:

Rizzo rose above the challenge to lead his team with 3 goals in Take 3’s victory over VindicatorGG.

Genesis and Revival’s series also went the distance to 5 full games. Double Goal’s appearance in Game 1 was better handled by Genesis, who prevailed by successfully converting several of their 9 saves into offensive pushes. Game 2 and 3 went the way of Revival with big games from Genocop and HotWheelsSid. Klassux proved himself to be a Rumble specialist, scoring 4 goals in Genesis’ game 5 win over Revival.


In one of the most anticipated matches of the day, G2 faced off against Exodus.

Lachino and 0ver Zer0 hit their stride in each game on Pillars and Comic guiding G2 to victory. Lachino had a particularly strong showing in the midst of Game 3s “Cubic Pinball” mutator, seemingly unphased by the small, fast-moving cube that substituted for a ball. G2 surprisingly swept Exodus 3-0 in the set.

Take 3 and Genesis met in the other semifinals matchup. Espeon ruled the Neo Tokyo skyline in Genesis’ Game 1 win. Rizzo, Zanejackey & Insolences’ passing and shot placement carried Take 3 to a Game 2 win on Utopia Retro’s donut-shaped facade.

Klassux put the spotlight back on Genesis in Game 3’s Fisticuffs match and helped Espeon and Pluto hold on to overcome the madness of “Mayhem!”’s insanely fast ball speed & bounce settings in Game 4 to win the series 3-1.


G2, determined to preserve their perfect run, plunged headfirst into their matchup against Genesis. Genesis challenged G2 fiercely on Wasteland and Octagon in the first 2 games, but G2 was able to keep their momentum going from earlier matches to claim victories in both arenas. Kronovi let loose in Game 3 “Fisticuffs” scoring 5 goals with assists from 0ver Zer0 (1) & Lachinio (4) to the finish the day with a 3-0 sweep of Genesis. Kronovi also showed  deployment of Spikes was just as savvy:

G2 entered Midseason Mayhem as underdogs, of sorts, but their flawless run to become the NA champions left little doubt about their abilities. Kronovi earned both the highest average number of goals per game (2.11) and highest game calculated score per game (406.97) of any player from both regions during Mayhem weekend.



First Round

Due to the randomly drawn seeding, the first EU matchup was spectacular: Mockit Aces versus FlipSid3 Tactics. Both powerhouses of the European scene, the teams didn’t hesitate to leave it all out on the pitch during their set. FlipSid3 took the 1st game on Octagon with scoring from Markydooda & gReazy. Mockit pushed hard to turn things around in Game 2 on Double Goal with the team accumulating 14 saves on their way to a victory. Well executed passing plays from Mockit Aces gave them the edge in games 3 and 4, allowing them to win the series 3-1.

OhMyDog met up with Red Eye in the 2nd match of the day. Red Eye’s sub RezHades, in for Chausette, fit in well with the team getting 2 goals in both game 2 and 3. OhMyDog, however, seemed more comfortable on Pillars, Utopia Retro and with the Super Cubic mutator as Turbopolsa contributed significantly to scoring in all three games. Although Red Eye put up a valiant fight, OhMyDog swept them 3-0.

REUNITED took on Precision Z in a series that went a full 5 games. REUNITED brought on sub Data while ELMP was unable to play for the weekend. REUNITED jumped out with an early series lead on Neo Tokyo but Precision Z bested them on Cosmic. Data & Snaski’s Plunger/Haymaker combo made for this impressive goal during Game 3’s Fisticuffs, though the ultimately lost that game Precision Z.

REUNITED were masters of “Pinball” in Game 4, blasting their opponents in a 6-1 win. In the end, Precision Z came out on top in “Friendly Fire!” with 3 goals from Skyline to win Game 5 and the series (3-2).

Northern Gaming and Summit faced off in the final matchup of the first round. Flarke lead Summit in scoring in their 5-1 win on Double Goal. After shaking off the first game, Northern Gaming won 3 back-to-back games with sub Ryan bby (in for Maestro) contributing 5 crucial goals. Northern went on to defeat Summit in the set 3-1.


OhMyDog, still hyped from their first round sweep, faced a strong-looking Mockit Aces. Deevo & ViolentPanda displayed their adaptability on Pillars and Utopia Retro in the first 2 games. OMD found success with the “Super Cube” mutator of Game 3, but ViolentPanda played a spectacular game of “Cubic Pinball” placing 3 goals in the net during Game 4. Mockit ultimately won the series, 3-1.

Precision Z, coming off of their upset of REUNITED, hoped to channel that energy into their match against Northern Gaming. There were glimmers of Precision Z’s ability in their Game 2 win on Wasteland. Northern proved overwhelming, with a dominating performance in “Fisticuffs” (6-3) and Mayhem! (2-1) to advance to the Finals.


Northern Gaming and Mockit Aces met in the Grand Finals. The EU titans split the first two games with Mockit outdoing Northern on Octagon while Northern got the better of Mockit on Cosmic. Miztik snuck this goal past Mockit with the magnet power-up during game 3:

Deevo & Paschy countered with an all-out aerial assault in games 3 and 4, carrying Mockit Aces to victory in the series (3-1).

Deevo ruled the finals matchup with 8 goals and a 57% shooting percentage. Mockit’s bold offense allowed them to run through the EU bracket, dropping only 3 games during the tournament.


A great time was had by all during the first major tournament to feature high level gameplay with such diverse arenas and mutators. The most chosen non-standard arenas for both regions combined were Octagon (6) closely followed by Double Goal (5), while the most chosen mutator combinations were Fisticuffs (8) and ‘Friendly Fire!’ (5). I highly recommend fans try out some of the Mayhem mutators in private matches with friends!

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Statistics courtesy of Parallel.gg