Real-Time FPS Tracking Added to CAM PC Monitoring Software

CAM has been making steady improvements ever since we released the application to the public exactly one year ago. Little by little, we have been fine-tuning every aspect of our PC monitoring software and adding all the features requested by the gaming community. And now, after 365 days of intense development, we’re releasing our biggest update yet.

Version 2.1.2 of CAM makes it easier than ever to monitor and maintain your PC with the following new features.

Just Added:

  • Overlay hotkeys can now be customized
  • Overlay is set to Off by default
  • Dashboard can now show data for 2 GPUs at the same time for SLI and Crossfire configurations
  • New FPS graphs in the Advanced Dashboard that shows real-time or hourly FPS
  • New screenshot feature allows you to save or share CAM!
  • CPU Fan RPM can now be found under the CPU Status section
  • Added ability to remove header image under CAM Settings

Real-time FPS tracking and and screenshot functionality are two of the most requested items you asked for and we’re happy to deliver. Take a look at the screenshot below (taken with CAM, of course) and see how detailed CAM gets with providing stats.

You’ll never game the same way again.


We didn’t just add a lot of new features with this update either. We also improved some of CAM’s less-popular functions and fixed all the bugs our users have helped us catch. Thanks to you, we are proud to say that CAM is better than ever.

Fixed Bugs:

  • CAM still showing legacy notifications from CAM V1  
  • Day and week data failing to upload to cloud sometimes
  • Unable to change fan speeds in other modes if user selects Manual mode first
  • CAM cannot re-open after clicking “X” on taskbarPopup window cannot re-open after clicking “X” on taskbar

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of CAM, go ahead and let us know what you think. Remember, we made this for you and we want to make it exactly how you want it.

Thank you for a wonderful year.