How Do You Puck It?

We love building PCs and the people who build them.

We originally created the Puck as a way to thank these people by throwing it in as a nice surprise with their new S340 Elite.

Little did we know what would happen next.

The Puck immediately became the talk of the town.

Builders and gamers from all over the world took notice.

Some of you were amazed at the Puck’s many useful features.

Others questioned if the Puck was even a real thing.

Heck, some of you even threw the Puck in the trashcan.

But whether you were a fan or a hater of the Puck didn’t matter…eventually everyone could agree on one thing…


Enough of you believed in the Puck that we had to make it happen.

But we’re not done yet…we want to show even more non-believers what the Puck is all about!

Do you believe enough in the Puck to join us on this mission?

Enter the NZXT #PUCKIT Challenge! 

Upload a picture or video of the NZXT Puck to social media with the hashtag #PUCKIT. Don’t be shy and just let the Puck do its thing. We’ll choose the best pictures we think really capture the spirit of what the Puck is all about and you’ll then vote for your favorite one.

One lucky Puck believer will win a custom purple-themed NZXT PC!

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2017

Community Voting: March 1-10 2017

Winner Announcement: March 10, 2017

Who could it be?…tune in to find out!

So, are you a believer now?


Now go out there and Puck everything!