What makes a great community member?

  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Follows rules
  • Has a great attitude

These are the qualities we observe in the server every single day.

Which is why we’re going to reward each and every one of you who help make NZXT 💜 CLUB a great experience for everyone.


Every month, the NZXT 💜 CLUB moderation team will be choosing one extraordinary person to receive the special role of Pucci’s Pick.

What does this mean?

  • Pucci’s Pick role
  • Emote of your choosing
  • $20 Steam Gift Card (Optional: Discord Nitro)
  • Limited-edition stickers
  • 200 Pucci Cup Coins
  • Pucci’s Pick t-shirt (Art by Nibbler#9599)
  • Blog post / Newsletter feature
  • The recognition you deserve!

How do you become Pucci’s Pick?

Embody the NZXT Core Values and become a great community member. Do your part in making the community a fun and safe environment for all.

We’ll be announcing the first winner on April 30th! Join the NZXT 💜 CLUB Discord server for a chance to win.