Profile Sync has come to CAM

Today is an exciting day for NZXT CAM – We’re introducing a brand-new feature, Profile Sync!

With Profile Sync, you will now be able to set your CAM profiles to update automatically whenever you launch a game or during certain times of day. This means that your computer’s lighting and cooling behaviors can change to meet your needs without having to manually change the settings throughout CAM.

How to use Profile Sync

To access Profile Sync, navigate to the Settings panel inside CAM. Find the Profile Sync tab on the left.

Once inside, select “Add Profile” from the dropdown at the top – You can start by adding a profile for a game you play.

Add an auto-launch criteria to the profile. When you select “With Game” you can choose from your recently-played games, or search the CAM database of thousands of games to add.

Select the desired profiles for your lighting and cooling devices, and you’re done! In this example, my lights will turn to a custom mode I created, “Ember” and my fans will start running faster when I launch Deus Ex.

You can also select any Profile Sync configuration via the new dropdown at the top of the page if you want to use a set of profiles even when the conditions for the them aren’t true.

Profile Sync is the latest in a series of features we’re adding to CAM to make your NZXT devices more powerful, easier, and more fun. We want NZXT CAM to serve gamers and meet their (and our!) needs in every way possible. We’re excited to offer Profile Sync to you today, and we look forward to even more exciting features in the coming year.

To get profile sync, download CAM now!