Preview the Newest Version of CAM and Help NZXT Make it Better

We’re excited to announce a preview version of the new CAM, called “NZXT CAM Preview,” available now for download. Anyone interested in trying new features and providing feedback can download this file, which will install the most recent version of the NZXT CAM Preview. After you install it, log in with your regular NZXT account, and use the app as you would CAM. If you run into any bugs or issues, please submit them here, and join us in the #cam-preview channel on our Discord server to follow development as it progresses.

About NZXT CAM Preview

This preview version is intended as an alpha, so that NZXT and CAM users can see the application as we develop it and give us feedback so we can work together to deliver the best application possible. If you’re able to download the NZXT CAM Preview and help us test it, we just ask that you keep it running as you would CAM and send us feedback as you have it. If you have any issues or suggestions, please submit them to us here. We are particularly interested in any bugs you run into, any feedback about how we can make the visualizations more useful to you, and any features that appear in neither CAM 3.X or the NZXT CAM Preview that you think would help you get the most out of your computer.

NZXT CAM Preview Features

NZXT CAM Preview is not designed to replace CAM 3.X, which you’ll still need in order to control NZXT hardware. The two programs can run side by side, so please continue to use both if you need functionality from CAM 3.X.

As of right now, this NZXT CAM Preview offers the following features:

  • The monitoring panel, used to see the current performance of your machine
  • Monitoring details panels to see the performance of your machine over time
  • The specs panel, that shows your computer’s hardware details
  • The in-game overlay, which shows your current framerate and your machine’s performance details

The following features, available CAM 3.x, are upcoming for NZXT CAM:

  • Lighting controls
  • Window size variations (Mini-CAM, dark mode and full-screen CAM)
  • Overclocking controls
  • Historical game performance data
  • PSU controls
  • Fan controls

As we develop NZXT CAM Preview, users who have the application will automatically receive updates which will contain these features and many others.

Sign up for the NZXT CAM Preview!

Thanks for your interest in the NZXT CAM Preview! We hope that you’ll try it out, send us your feedback, and look forward to our future updates. We want this application to be the best version of CAM ever, and your help will be instrumental in helping us get there.