Poll: Are You Going to DreamHack Austin?

The DreamHack festival is the largest digital festival in the world, the festival is spread out across the world with events occurring all over Europe and in 2016 there will be an event in America and in Canada. It offers attendees a chance to join in with the largest LAN party in the world, to compete in eSport tournaments, watch performances and to visit the DreamExpo to check out the latest hardware, games and more. The festival is not just focused at gamers, there are also sections for digital artists with live competitions for them to compete using any digital medium they wish.

DreamHack Hits America

Previous DreamHack festivals have taken place all over Europe with the first one being held in Malung, Sweden. This year, DreamHack Summer 2016 will be taking place in Sweden; it will be based in the city of Jonkoping over a weekend in June. Visitors can already buy various passes and tickets to gain entry to the difference events at the festival. In addition to the main festival, there will also be other smaller ones held around the globe including in Texas and in Montreal which will be the first DreamHack festivals to be held in America.

DreamHack Offers Plenty for Gamers

There are five main events for attendees to get involved with; the first is the main LAN festival where each participant gets a table, chair and a power socket so they can play with other participants in various PC games. In addition to this, there are gaming competitions and professional eSports teams that compete to get a piece of the prize pool in front of a live audience and to those watching from livestream services.

The digital arts competitions have participants create art from any digital form which are presented to judges, competitions like this are rare which makes this area extremely popular as a result. There are even live concerts at different times in the day, though still small this area is rapidly growing due to its popularity. The last area for the festival is the Expo, a place where visitors can test game demos, buy goods, listen to seminars or lectures and also pick up any computer equipment they might need for the LAN room.

DreamHack isย Bigger than Ever

DreamHack is recognized as the largest LAN party in the world by the Guinness Book of Records and by Twin Galaxies; it also had the fastest internet connection for quite some time until the title was taken by the second largest computer festival in the world. The festival is still one of the most well-known festivals for gamers and its partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG) and Electronic Sports League (ESL) helps to encourage the growth of eSports.

So, know that you know a little bit about DreamHack, the only question I have for you is: are you going?

DreamHack Austinย (May – 6-8, 2016) will feature all the core content pillars that make DreamHack what it is for visitors to enjoy, the LAN party, DreamExpo, International Esports tournaments, BYOC competitions, Cosplay, Indie Game Zone, and DreamStore. As always with DreamHack attendees will be able to shape the future of DreamHack Austin, focusing on the content as well as games and genres which the visitors are most interested in, whether its PC FPS, MOBA, RTS, Fighting Games, or Console Games, and even other gaming related activities like table top gaming and more.