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#NZXTBUILDS: H700i by Malik Customs

One of the first H700i builds we've seen! This is the next generation of #NZXTBUILDS.
2 sec read

Introducing the New H-Series!

The new H-series showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PC building.
1 min read

Introducing the GRID+ V3!

Featuring the perfect balance between silence and cooling.
1 min read

Introducing the Special Edition Vertagear x NZXT Gaming Chair!

Fans of both NZXT and Vertagear will now be able to order a lush black and purple chair!
1 min read

#NZXTBUILDS: “Villain” Noctis 450 by NCIX

To help get you in the Halloween spirit, NCIX PC is releasing the Villain PC; instead of dressing yourself up (you're too old for...
12 sec read

Let’s Build a PC w/ OpTicDi3seL!

OpTic Di3seL is the newest member of Team NZXT and we're celebrating by building a PC and giving away some prizes!
14 sec read

How to Build a PC for Your Favorite Battle Royale Game

Normally, we would never recommend a chicken dinner while touching your keyboard but in PUBG, we encourage it!
Mark Ferguson
11 min read

Let’s Build a PC with LOLRENAYNAY!

We're welcoming LOLRENAYNAY to Team NZXT with an awesome SteelSeries giveaway!
7 sec read

NZXT Presents: “The Beast” CS:GO Community Night on FACEIT!

Win a Limited Edition Hyper Beast Case and More!
35 sec read