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Phantom 410 by Gijs

This one's loaded with just about every piece of hardware NZXT makes!
1 sec read

The Average Gaming PC is Not so Average

If you’ve ever wondered how your gaming PC stacks up against the competition, today is your lucky day.
1 min read

Razer Green Monster by GameCrate

Built by GameCrate
1 sec read

PCDIY Glossary Part 1: Components

For users that are new to the world of PC building and upgrading, common terms and acronyms can be a little bit confusing.
2 min read

Featured Build: “La Passione” S340 by Nicu

This one is red hot!
0 sec read

How to Gain More Followers on Twitch: Optimizing Your Twitch Wall

If you aren’t making good use of your Twitch wall, then you aren’t doing everything in your power to attract more followers.
Mason Dunlap
5 min read

H440 Built by u/ruggerz

Not bad for your first time!
1 sec read

The Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Computing

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference was or which version you should install, this blog post is for you!
1 min read

H630 Built by PCPartPicker

Yes, it's impractical. But who wouldn't want a $2,400 gaming PC?
10 sec read