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What Makes the New H-Series Smart and Beautiful?

We’ve received quite a few questions about what’s new in the H-Series so we’ve decided to compile all of the information into one place...
Mark Ferguson
4 min read

Our Favorite Photos from BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon might be over but that doesn't mean we can't look back at all the fun we had!
23 sec read

Build Guide: The Best PC Hardware for Playing Blizzard Games

Blizzcon is here once again and this year we’ve come prepared with a bundled build guide to help you experience four of the top...
Mark Ferguson
16 min read

#NZXTBUILDS: H700i by Malik Customs

One of the first H700i builds we've seen! This is the next generation of #NZXTBUILDS.
2 sec read

Build Guide: The Best PC Hardware for Streaming

Copy one of our Team NZXT PC setups and spend less time watching other people stream and more time streaming yourself!
Mark Ferguson
15 min read

Introducing the New H-Series!

The new H-series showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PC building.
1 min read

Introducing the GRID+ V3!

Featuring the perfect balance between silence and cooling.
1 min read

Introducing the Special Edition Vertagear x NZXT Gaming Chair!

Fans of both NZXT and Vertagear will now be able to order a lush black and purple chair!
1 min read

#NZXTBUILDS: “Villain” Noctis 450 by NCIX

To help get you in the Halloween spirit, NCIX PC is releasing the Villain PC; instead of dressing yourself up (you're too old for...
12 sec read