NZXT’s Ultimate Fan Quiz: How Much of Our Best PC Hardware of 2017 Do You Use?

Another year has come and gone! Let’s look back at the best PC hardware from 2017 and find out how much of NZXT fan you really are!

Another year has passed and NZXT is thrilled that we had a fun-filled and successful 2017 with all our customers! But before we ring in the new year and start all over again, we want to look back at everything that made 2017 special and find out how big of an NZXT fan you really are. Don’t worry if you don’t know about any of the items on this list – now’s your chance to catch up on all the NZXT hype!

How to Take NZXT’s Ultimate Fan Quiz:

  1. Take a look at the list and points below
  2. Add points to your score for every item you’ve achieved
  3. Comment and show us how many points you’ve earned

Excited to see where you stack up on our NZXT fan chart? So are we! Now go claim those points!

Here are the top highlights from NZXT in 2017…

For this category, you will earn points based on whether or not you’ve purchased any of these items that we released in 2017. Take a look below and start adding up those points!

Noctis 450 ROG

Points: 5
We teamed up with Asus to release the first NZXT product that can be controlled with Asus Aura Software. Sync your RGB case lighting to your motherboard and let it glow.

Purple S340 & Purple H440

Points: 4
All the S340 features that you know and love but now in purple! Need we say more? Did we forget about our famous H440? Nope! We gave it that purple swag as well.

Purple Puck

Points: 2
Do you believe? We do! It was only fitting to provide a purple option for all the other believers out there.


Points: 2 per fan
Out with the old and in with the new. We designed these fans with performance in mind. We even included the option to change the trim.

Kraken G12

Points: 3
Our newest design and successor to the G10. The G12 answered the call for anyone looking to keep their graphics card nice and cool and all while doing it in style.

S340 Elite Hyper Beast

Points: 4
We paired up with Brock Hofer once again and asked him to unleash another Hyper Beast. This time, the beast had attached itself to the S340 Elite.

New H-Series

Points: 5
Our newest case design with a built-in smart device that controls fan speeds and LEDs! Its full steel construction and beautiful tempered glass really earn it the title “Smart and Beautiful”.


Points: 3
Our newest fan controller that includes the same adaptive noise reduction technology that is found in our H-Series smart devices. Control your fan curves with ease.

S340 Elite Limited Purple Edition

Points: 4
You asked and we delivered. Of course, we made it purple! There were only 1,500 units made, each with a unique badge number.

Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi

Points: 3
Cryorig and NZXT have teamed up to provide you with a fresh take on the H7 cooler with RGB Lighting powered by CAM. Check out our first look blog post with the NZXT CAM powered Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi.

Bonus Points!

Didn’t purchase a new product from us but still want to earn some points? No problem! For this category, you will earn points based on whether or not you’ve attended or participated in these events…

#Puckit Challenge

5 – Attended Pax East and saw the PC out in person
3 – Uploading a #PUCKIT picture to social media
1 – Remember seeing this in your feed and/or liking post

Take a look at our NZXT #Puckit Challenge finalists blog post to see the final entries.

Rocket League Championship Series 2017

5 – Attended RLCS and checked out our awesome NZXT systems
3 – Uploading a #NZXTRLCS picture to social media
1 – Remember seeing this in your feed and/or liking post

NZXT has been a proud supporter of the Rocket League Championship Series since Season 1 and we have continued to do so for Season 2 in 2016 and Season 3 in 2017. Take a look at our RLCS Season 3 NZXT blog post and catch up with some of the action from the RLCS Season 3 Finals.

BLD Launch

15 – Purchased your own system from BLD
3 – Commented on our social media posts
1 – Remember seeing this in your feed and/or liking post

We launched our BLD program which is the easiest way to get into PC gaming and play the games you want to play enjoying guaranteed gaming performance. Check out our blog where we introduce BLD and explain how it’s the simplest way to get a gaming PC.

iBuyPower Gamefest

5 – Attended iBuyPower Gamefest and stopped by our booth
3 – Commented on our social media posts
1 – Remember seeing this in your feed and/or liking post

We had a blast at the iBuyPower Gamefest where we met and mingled with fans about our products and services. We even had our miniature Ping Pong Puck Challenge where you could win a puck of your own.

Faceit CS:GO Community Nights

5 – Participated in the Faceit CS:GO Community Nights Kickoff
3 – Commented on our social media posts
1 – Remember seeing this on your feed and/or liking post

We gave away 3 S340 Elite Hyper Beast cases and 12 H440 EnVyUs cases as contestants competed for the most ladder points at the end of each month. Were you able to track the beast? Visit our NZXT Faceit CSGO Community Nights Blog Post to check out our map.

Vertagear SL2000 Collaboration

5 – Purchased your own Vertagear SL2000 NZXT Chair
3 – Commented on our social media posts
1 – Remember seeing this on your feed and/or liking post

What happens when Vertagear and NZXT have a baby? The NZXT Vertagear SL2000, that’s what! We collaborated with Vertagear and created the perfect blend of style and comfort. If you want to see more, check out our blog post to learn all about the NZXT Vertagear SL2000 gaming chair. If you must have it now, follow this link and pick one up for yourself!

Blizzcon 2017

5 – Attended Blizzcon 2017 and visited our NZXT booth
3 – Commented on our social media posts
1 – Remember seeing this in your feed and/or liking post

We had a blast at Blizzcon 2017 and were proud case and CPU cooler sponsors this year. Did you see all of our PC’s? We had over 2,300 H700i systems under one roof! If you played any games at this event, chances are you were playing on one of our H700i cases. We can’t wait to go back next year and share this experience with all of our fans again. If you missed our booth, check out our blog post with our favorite NZXT photos from Blizzcon 2017.

PC Gamer Case of the Year 2017

2 – Read PCGamer article

Our H700i made case of the year with! “We’ve probably built in hundreds of different PC cases now and we can confidently say that none of them have brought us as much ease and satisfaction as NZXT’s recently released H700i.” Want to know why? Checkout PCGamer’s case of the year: NZXT H700i article for more details.

More Purple Stuff!

2 – Read Pantone color of the year article.

2018 is already our year! Pantone announced the color of the year for 2018 and it’s Purple! Well, Ultra Violet 18-3838 to be specific but you get the point. #wediditfirst. Just saying. 😉

What does that mean exactly? We’ll let our friends over at Pantone explain it to you: “Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” Thanks Pantone! We couldn’t have said it better. In fact, that pretty much sums up every year at NZXT. Can we get a #puckyes from all our fans?!

How Big of an NZXT Fan are You?

Now that you’ve completed the quiz, add up your points and let us know how you rank…

Point Chart:

120+ = You are either a super-psychotic, monstrous NZXT fan or a huge liar. Either way, we aren’t judging. Thanks for stalking us so intensely. We think?

80-119 = Congrats fam! You’re an extreme NZXT fan and wholeheartedly supported us throughout the year. You must have every case, including the purple editions even if you don’t have any components to install. Don’t worry, we have that problem too. You are not alone. For those of you who are closer to 119, be careful being around all that NZXT gear. Your skin might turn purple.

50-79 = You’re a big NZXT fan but you have control of your impulses. We respect that. You probably purchased a case and some accessories to complete your NZXT collection and stopped there because you have self-control unlike the others above. (Shhh, don’t tell them that we said that.) You’ve also attended some of our events and said hello from time to time on social. Some would call you normal but we still call you a big NZXT fan. Thanks for being there for us!

10-49 = Hey, no hard feelings. We are just going to assume that you are here because money is tight and you must be very selective with your new toys. We are also going to assume that you follow our social media pages and drool all over your phones and keyboards while you comment on how much you want our products. Are we right? We thought so. Now please wipe your phone screens and keyboards.

0-9 = What? Are we not good enough for you? You better be a new fan who’s discovered us late in the year. You didn’t even read the last 2 articles above to at least get the 4 points did you?! That’s it, look what you’ve done. Some of us in the office are crying now. You owe us doughnuts now.

Seriously, send us some donuts and we might forgive you:

NZXT, Inc.

C/O Mark
13164 E. Temple Ave
City of Industry CA

Thanks for Your Support!

Thanks to all our fans that made this year and the previous years so successful. We appreciate every comment, feedback, like, subscribe, post, recommendation and follow. All of these products and events in this blog post would mean nothing if it weren’t for our fans and we hope you continue to experience new moments with us all throughout the new year.

Our promise to you: We promise to never lose sight of our NZXT core values and we will continue to stay true to the PC gaming community right alongside our fellow PC gaming fans. After all, “We envision a world where the PC is the only platform for a deeper, more immersive gaming experience.”

That’s it! Let us know your score in the comments below and let’s ring in the new year.

Hello, 2018. Here we come!