NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part I

The holidays are finally here! If you’ve been as busy as the staff here at NZXT, chances are you still haven’t done all of your holiday shopping yet. Got a few friends, family or a significant other you still need to shop for? Consider one of these great gifts that are sure to make any PC gamer happy.

Fallout 4

81uqZf2AbAL._SL1500_ If your PC gamer friend was not one of the 12 million gamers that purchased Bethesda’s Fallout 4 within the first 24 hours of launch, this has to be one of the best PC titles we can recommend at the moment. Whether you’ve played the previous Fallout titles or not, Fallout 4 provides countless hours of exploration and fun. Unlike a few other recently launched games we won’t mention here, Fallout 4 is a totally complete game that features one of the largest game worlds ever created… no DLC necessary. $60 is a small price to pay for the endless hours of fun Fallout 4 can provide.

SAMSUNG 850 Evo SSD (250GB)

91ZPflI8tzL._SL1500_ We can’t possibly stress this enough: every PC gamer needs a solid state drive. If your gamer friend doesn’t have one, this is our top recommended gift. The load times for games on an SSD compared to a HDD is ridiculous. And best of all, SSDs have become faster and faster while also becoming more and more affordable. One of our favorite SSDs on the market is Samsung’s 850 Evo. Featuring great performance with a really affordable price tag, the 850 Evo is a must have gift for any PC gamer without an SSD. Priced below $80 for the 250GB model or below $150 for the 500GB model, this SSD offers great performance / dollar for any gamer looking to upgrade from a HDD.


Just released earlier in November, ROCCAT’s new Kova is a great gift for PC gamers that are into fast-paced action games such as MOBAs and first-person shooters. The mouse features an ambidextrous shape that feels great for both left-handed and right-handed gamers. Unlike other ambidextrous mice that tend to be too small for our liking, the Kova is moderately sized. Our favorite feature from the Kova is its “smart cast” buttons which are optimally placed right next to the main left/right click buttons within fingertip reach. Other mice manufacturers have tried putting buttons in a similar fashion, but none of them have felt as smooth and easy to press as the Kova’s. If your friend plays as much League of Legends as I do, they are sure to appreciate the accessibility of these extra buttons that can be bound to any key or macro. Priced at an affordable $49.99, the Kova is available in either black or white.

RAZER Firefly

81qqjumYYaL._SL1500_The Razer Firefly is a rather interesting item on this list. It’s one of those gaming peripheral products that would be really cool to have but we just wouldn’t spend the money to get it ourselves. That’s because it’s a mousepad and chances are your gaming friend already has a perfectly usable one that doesn’t cost $59.99. But does it light up like the rest of his peripherals? No. The Razer Firefly is the perfect gift for the friend that already has the top notch RGB gaming mice and keyboards. And if they’re also Razer Chroma products, the Firefly will turn that glowing battlestation into a synchronized ravestation.

NZXT Kraken X41

81Hd0mQK3eL._SL1500_If there’s one thing PC gamers (particularly those in southern California) know too well, it’s the massive amounts of heat radiating from their systems during long gaming sessions. While it’s nice to have your PC double up as a space heater during the winter, your PC components will surely appreciate a cooling upgrade. As a bonus, lower temperatures also mean opportunities for higher performance and overclocking. If your PC gamer friend is still using an air cooler or worse… a stock CPU cooler, the Kraken X41 is a great gift. Priced at $109.99 and compatible with a vast amount of systems and cases, the Kraken X41 features top notch performance and intuitive software.

Stay Tuned for Part Two!

That’s it for part one of our 2015 holiday gift guide. If you haven’t found a suitable gift on this list, check back next week for part two! As always, your feedback is appreciated so feel free to let us know if you have any recommendations you’d like to share as well!