NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

The holidays are finally here! If you’ve been as busy as the staff here at NZXT, chances are you still haven’t done all of your holiday shopping yet. Got a few friends, family or a significant other you still need to shop for? Consider one of these great gifts that are sure to make any PC gamer happy.

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NIXEUS VUE Gaming Monitor

NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

If your friend happens to be extra special, or you are feeling extremely generous, this is one upgrade that can drastically improve any PC gamer’s gaming experience. The Nixeus Vue 24” is one of the most affordable 144Hz monitors on the market. Not only does it deliver beautiful performance at 144Hz, it also comes with AMD Freesync capabilities, allowing AMD GPU users to improve their performance even further. The difference between a 60Hz monitor and a 144Hz monitor is like night and day. Combined with a graphics card that will deliver over 144fps, gaming on a monitor like the Nixeus Vue is as beautifully smooth as it gets.

STEAM Gift Card

NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

If you aren’t sure what specific PC games your friend desires, a STEAM wallet card is always a great stocking stuffer. With several massive sales occurring on Steam each year, your friend is sure to get a great value out of some STEAM credit. Available in an assortment of sizes, a STEAM gift card is a great choice whatever your budget may be. In some cases gift cards can be seen as a bit of a “cop out” for a real, thought out gift, but all PC gamers can appreciate a STEAM gift card. Especially because it doesn’t require you to go AFK to use it up.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Router

NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

While we can’t stress enough the importance of online gaming on a hard, Ethernet line, for some PC gamers it just isn’t possible. This is the perfect gift for the PC gamer that is gaming on a wifi connection. Sometimes when we go to our friends’ homes and see the stock internet provider’s crappy router/modem combination we can’t help but feel a little sorry for them. Most of them don’t know this but a new router can make a world of difference, especially if things like dropped connections or spotty wifi range is an issue. NETGEAR’s Nighthawk AC1900 is one of our biggest recommendations when it comes to a new router. It’s got a sleek design that looks great while sitting down and can also be easily mounted to a wall or cable box. Now that the price has dropped quite a bit since its release, the Nighthawk is a great addition to any PC gamer’s household that will provide top notch performance without breaking the bank.

BLUE Yeti Microphone

NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

If your friend is an aspiring Twitch streamer, or you can’t stand hearing their fuzzy muffled voice on Skype calls, the BLUE Yeti USB Microphone is a solid gift option. With professional, studio-level quality at a very reasonable price point, the Yeti is one of the most popular USB microphones on the market and comes highly recommended by the most successful streamers out there. Available in a variety of sleek colors, the BLUE Yeti is not only great for PC gaming / streaming but is also a wonderful choice for recording audio. This is the microphone we use for our Twitch studio and having zero experience with audio devices in the past, we found it extremely easy to set up and adjust, making it a wonderful option for both new and advanced streamers.

NZXT Gen 1 RGB Controller

NZXT’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers: Part 2

The Gen 1 RGB Controller is one of our newest products and is already becoming a very popular addition to PC builds all around the world. This is a great gift for any PC gamer that takes pride in their system whether it’s a pre-built or a self-built computer. The Gen 1 RGB Controller provides enough lighting options, modes and color combinations to make any Christmas tree jealous. So what’s different from the dozens of lighting kits already out there? The Gen 1 RGB Controller uses individually addressable LEDs which mean each LED can be controlled independently from the others. Combined with our CAM software, this creates endless possibilities for lighting patterns that can be created in seconds. Not only is the Gen 1 RGB Controller easy to use, it is also very easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere inside of a case, even if it isn’t an NZXT one.

Happy Holidays!

That’s it for our 2015 gift guide. We hope it was useful for you as we all know shopping for the holidays can be a stressful experience. As always, your feedback is appreciated so feel free to let us know if you have any recommendations you’d like to share as well!