NZXT Teams Up with RTFKT!

Hi there,

We recently partnered with RTFKT, and we’re super excited to tell you all about it. 

Who is RTFKT?

RTFKT is a company that crafts passion-driven virtual and physical sneakers and collectibles to be enjoyed by nerds like us. Their team of artists challenge our imaginations and expand the bounds of what is possible through the use of tools like augmented reality. Sometimes a shoe that looks real, is really just some god-tier smoke and mirrors 😉

RTFKT has a community of 200+ forward-thinking 3D artists and designers on their Discord that join them in creating these digitally aspirational pieces, inspiring us to think differently about how we view, well, ‘stuff’. Digital goods are a thing. The future is here, y’all.

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Why partner with them?

NZXT is all about empowering creators and gamers to do cool things. We believe great things happen when you enable passionate people to do what they love. We’re excited to share in RTFKT’s goal of supporting digital content creators in powering the future.

What did we do for them?

We curated an array of powerful machines for hardware-intensive rendering. We procured the parts, built the machines, and tested them to ensure their efficacy. To create something like an augmented reality sneaker that looks like something you could hold in your hand… well, that takes a lot of processing power. 

RTFKT’s Discord server is home to hundreds of creators who sometimes take up to 24 hours(!) to render one image. If one error were to occur during rendering, they start all over. We get stressed out just thinking about it. Providing these resources to RTFKT will enable them to share this engine of creativity with their user base, so they can keep the inspiration going and creativity flowing. Our goal is to remove the barriers that keep creative people from doing awesome things.

What does this mean? What’s next??

Why does everything have to mean something? Why can’t some things just be cool for the sake of being cool? Now that we’re done high-roading you, we’ll give you the real answer: we’re not sure yet. But you can bet we’re going to keep doing cool things with RTFKT. We love what they do and we want to see more of it. Can you blame us?

Be sure to follow RTFKT on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to see their cool creations! If you’re new to our community, join us on our Discord to hang with us!