NZXT + Rocket League Central = <3

NZXT and Rocket League Central, together at last!

We are very proud to announce our partnership with the team at Rocket League Central; this is something we’ve been talking seriously about ever since James “Jamesbot” Villar, Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons, and I met up and lunched on some Dunkin’ Donuts together at PAX East 2016.

Maybe it was all the sugar going to our heads, but those donut holes helped birth a beautiful partnership baby.

Wow, my hair is so messy in this photo that it physically pains me to look at it >.< It was really windy outside. NZXT lanyards on fleek.
Wow, my hair is so messy in this photo that it physically pains me to look at it >.< It was really windy outside. NZXT lanyards on fleek.

This past weekend during Rocket League Central’s Rocket Royale tournament, James and I had the pleasure of officially announcing the newly formed NZXT + Rocket League Central partnership live on stream, much to the surprise of not only the audience, but even the majority of the Rocket League Central crew! Only a small few of us were in the know, and we had been keeping the whole thing under wraps to make sure everybody could enjoy the news together on the day of the announcement (additional big thanks to Blake “CloudFuel” Tull and Chris “QuestFerret” Dolman for their efforts in making this thing a reality).

What does this mean for the Rocket League community?

There are very specific reasons why we feel that our partnership with Rocket League Central just makes sense: we both place priority on our communities and the quality of our work. We both go the extra mile because we would never settle for less. Together, we aspire to bring the best videos, tutorials, streams, and products to the Rocket League gaming community so that we can continue elevating it to the titan status we believe it deserves.

It’s not about making name for ourselves; It’s about helping make a name for Rocket League and a home for its community.

Where we go from here:

Personally, I am ecstatic about this partnership! I get to make even more content for Rocket League, but best of all, I will now be doing it with my friends at Rocket League Central. We can’t wait to show you guys the fruits of our collaborative efforts!

Of course, there will also be awesome NZXT prizes involved – be sure to jump on this first giveaway, featuring a limited edition Rocket League Central branded H440 case! Hurry and enter now, because this contest closes June 16!

RLC has invited me to jump on the mic for future tournament broadcasts, so I hope you’ll look forward to more fine shout casting!

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