NZXT Presents: “The Beast” CS:GO Community Night on FACEIT!

As you might already know, we’ve released several limited edition CS:GO-themed products including our H440 Hyper BeastS340 Elite Hyper Beast, and H440 EnVyUs cases. We also released a Hyper Beast t-shirt last month!

As you can see, we’re big fans of the game so we’re excited to announce the “The Beast” Community Nights on FACEIT!

The Beast Community Nights are running over the next three months for CS:GO players wherein you can win sweet prizes from NZXT along with FACEIT Points each week! We’re giving away prizes to the top-scoring player each week and whoever scores the most accumulated points at the end of each month will also win a Limited Edition S340 Elite Hyper Beast Case along with a mystery prize! (Points are reset both weekly and monthly for the various prizes.)

Want to play?

Here’s all the important information:

Dates: September 9, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Eligibility: US & Canadian Residents

FACEIT Signup Page

Prize Map + Additional Giveaway Prizes