NZXT Expands BLD Service Into Canada

NZXT today announced that BLD, the simplest way to get a customized gaming PC, is expanding its service into Canada. With BLD, Canadian gamers can experience a turn-key hassle-free solution to buying an affordable custom built PC that is tailored to the games they want to play with guaranteed performance.

“Expanding into Canada is the obvious next step for BLD,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO. “Since we launched BLD, we have received countless questions about when BLD is going to be available internationally. That is why we are excited to bring BLD to Canada. It marks the first step in our goal of making PC gaming easily accessible to gamers around the world.”

How BLD Works

  • Choose up to 3 games from a selection of the most popular PC games on the market and set a desired resolution (1080/1440p)
  • Specify your desired budget range.
  • Part prices will be listed in United States Dollars and will be converted into Canadian Dollars based on the current exchange rate at checkout.
  • BLD’s unique recommendation engine provides benchmark data for the performance you can expect from your build.
  • Customize and upgrade your build, from various NZXT case options and RGB lighting setups, to finalize your build for the perfect DIY feel.
  • Complete your order and sit back and relax while your custom PC is built within 48 business hours and then shipped.
  • Blitz Mode: Jump in front of the line for $100 USD for same-day build and shipping. Orders must be in by 11 a.m. PST

BLD’s Unique Recommendation Engine

  • Predicts FPS (frames per second) within 10% accuracy to guarantee gaming performance of each custom BLD PC for the games chosen by the user.
  • FPS is calculated from OVER 10 million, and counting, analyzed gaming hours.

BLD’s Peace of Mind Services

NZXT has more than 13 years of experience developing award-winning, high-quality PC components.

Every custom BLD gaming PC features:

  • Components made from industry-leading companies with the highest standard of quality
  • Assembly by highly-trained builders, delivering meticulously crafted gaming PCs.
  • BLD PC built within 2 business days and then shipped.
  • Expert Live Chat feature for real-time help and troubleshooting.
  • Free and easy returns for any systems that do not meet the BLD engine FPS performance guarantee of within 10%.
  • Comprehensive All-In-One 2-year warranty
  • Only $99 US to build + flat international shipping fee.


USA: Now

Canada: Now

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