NZXT CAM Version 4.4.0 Released!

Released 25 Mar 2020


  • No new features


  • Reduced window size.
  • Added additional logging around device interactions so that hardware interactions can be debugged more easily.
  • Changed the “Report an Issue” page to automatically include local log files.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed colors on certain pages to improve visibility in Light Mode.
  • Corrected an error that caused the “Select a theme pack” dialog to be truncated on the Lighting Panel.

This patch, we’re happy to introduce our series of developer notes! These notes are meant to give users insight into the changes we’ve made in our biweekly patches, why we’ve made them, and what we plan to work on in the near future. Thanks for reading!

With version 4.4.0, we had 3 goals:

Update Window Size:

Last patch, 4.3.0, we completely updated the navigation of NZXT CAM to move the navigation to the left side, remove sub-navigation, and allow users to hide navigation items that they don’t want. However, this resulted in an overall size increase to the application window. Upon release, a lot of users were very vocal about disliking the size, and we wanted to fix it immediately. Version 4.4.0 reduces the window height by ~16%, which should reduce some of the pain for users that worry about window size. In addition, in the nearer future, we do want to make it so that the navigation of the window can be collapsed, so that the window will also take up less horizontal space. We know desktop real estate is precious, and want to meet all the user needs here. In the long term, this will mean a fully resizable window, a mini mode, and more.

Add Additional Logging:

One of our primary drivers for us is making NZXT CAM the most reliable application in the market. Software products that control hardware are historically fraught with issues for a number of reasons, but our software team is dedicated to addressing every bug we can find. Over the last month, we’ve made some large strides in this area, particularly fixing a number of bugs that resulted in the CAM screen turning white. However, there’s still more to do. As such, in this patch, we’ve added additional logging around areas where software’s connection with hardware is tenuous. This includes when the PC wakes from sleep, when games start and end, and when users change their settings or profiles.

Adjust Kraken Z Functionality:

This update contains two changes to the Kraken Z’s functionality. The first is to change the default brightness of the Kraken Z. The Kraken Z screen is very powerful, and at its maximum brightness it can cause certain light-colored images to become washed out. One option was to lower the maximum brightness in firmware, so that users couldn’t reach these levels, but ultimately we didn’t want to reduce functionality in the device so that users can continue to use this very high brightness if it matches their case aesthetic. The second change we made was allowing CAM to support two Kraken Zs. Some dedicated fans have bought a pair of Kraken Zs, so we wanted to make sure they could control both of them independently.

Outstanding issues:

Device recognition issues on some computers:

This continues to be our #1 priority. We definitely understand the frustration for users who are occasionally unable to interact with their NZXT products due to hardware conflicts, interference from other software, or other reasons. There’s a significant update to this behavior coming in the next update, 4.5.0, which should lead to more consistency for everyone. The logging mentioned above should also drive additional bug fixes for any users that still have issues.

Installation/autoupdate flow:

There are some UI/UX issues with our installer and autoupdater. At the time we developed the flow, we wanted it to be fast and painless to install NZXT CAM. While I think we achieved that goal, there are a few states during the autoupdate process in particular that can be confusing to users, where the application seems to disappear for a while during the installation of the new version.

Thanks for reading this blog! Please look forward to another post with version 4.5.0, scheduled to release on 4/8.