NZXT CAM 4.8.0 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.8.0

Released May 26, 2020


  • Added the ability to disable automatic game hooking in Settings.


  • Improved behavior of the interactions between NZXT CAM and the upcoming NZXT CAM Beta.
  • Added additional logging to diagnose crashes and device connection issues.
  • Report an Issue on Settings will now include more diagnostic information about your PC to help our support team better assist with any technical issues.
  • Improvements to loading screen text on NZXT CAM startup.
  • Updated Chinese internationalization.

Bug Fixes:

  • No new fixes.

Beta Program to launch 6/1:

Weโ€™re ready to publicly invite you all to our Beta program. Please be on the lookout for a blog post detailing instructions on how to participate on June 1st, 2020. We hope to see you there!

Allow Disabling of Automatic Game Hooking:

This is now released, you can find the toggle in your Settings in the application. Please note that disabling all automatic game hooking will also stop NZXT CAM from adding new data to your game history (i.e. tracking FPS for each game session).

Smarter Profiles:

Weโ€™ve seen some requests from the community about applying different NZXT CAM profiles based on specific scenarios/environments. Weโ€™re looking into ways to both unify and automate NZXT CAM profiles to achieve that goal.

We hope youโ€™ll join us on our journey of continuously improving NZXT CAM. The team is committed to making your experience a good one. Please continue to support us and give feedback! Our next update is scheduled for 6/8, so please stay tuned for more updates to NZXT CAM.