Noctis 450 by Dennis Gonzales

Hi, my name is Dennis! I am a systems engineer for a video game company. I have been building PCs for about 10 years and my latest creation will be my 17th complete build. I’ve put together systems for personal use, family members and friends. These have ranged from low cost budget systems to gaming powerhouses with custom water loops. I came to realize that I enjoyed doing research on various parts and putting a system together versus using it.

The past few builds I’ve put together have been water cooled but have now decided it was time to go with something that was low maintenance. I wanted a system that was ready to be put together with little to no modifications; a system where all the parts flowed together.

To start off my build I had to decide on a case that would house all my parts. The key features I was looking for in a case was that has dust filters, a PSU shroud, cable management, and large enough to fit a good amount of hardware. During my initial research I came across the NZXT H440. It met all the criteria I was looking for in a case and it was very clean and minimalistic. Luckily, I came across a tech article that announced the Noctis 450. It was basically an upgraded H440 but with the aesthetics I was really into. It was matte black with red accents/lighting. I had to get that case right away so I scoured the internet for places that had it in stock. I was able to grab one from the limited quantity that Newegg had at the time and received it next day.

Now that I had the foundation for my build it was time to pick out parts that would compliment the aggressive styling of this case and have the power to back it up. The major components were taken from the Asus ROG line of products not only for their features and performance, but how well they fit the theme of the build. The Maximus VII Formula motherboard for its thermal armor. Two massive Matrix Platinum GTX 980 video cards in SLI to pump out pixels to a 27” ROG Swift G-Sync capable display. The brain of the system is an Intel Core i7 4790k processor being cooled by a Corsair H110i GT closed loop cooler. 16GB of Avexir Core Series DDR3 memory with red LEDs. A 1TB Samsung 840 EVO is home to my OS, Apps and games. Airflow is provided by Corsair red LED fans 3x120mm as intakes and 1x140mm as an exhaust. All of which is powered by an EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 power supply. The final finishing detail is a set of custom cable extensions by MAINFrame Customs in black/dark grey/red.