Kraken 101: Everything You Need to Know about the NZXT All-in-One Liquid Cooler

Are you thinking about purchasing a new NZXT case and want to pair it with one or more of our Kraken liquid coolers? Do you already own an NZXT case and are just looking to upgrade your CPU cooler but you’re not sure which Kraken will fit in your case? Or maybe you’re completely new to all-in-one liquid coolers and are wondering what they are and whether or not you should even upgrade?

If any of these questions appeal to you, you’re in luck! We love to help with questions like these so we’ve created a complete guide to help you learn everything there is to know about the NZXT Kraken liquid coolers.

Follow this guide and you’ll be a Kraken pro, just like us! ?

What is the NZXT Kraken?

The NZXT Kraken is complete liquid cooling solution that’s designed to keep your CPU or GPU cool. It does this by dissipating your computer’s heat through a closed loop system where thermals are transferred to fluid and then dispersed through a radiator. This form of cooling is often referred to as an “all-in-one” or “AIO” for short.

Still confused? Read our blog post on how closed loop liquid cooling works!

For those of you who are thinking to yourselves:

“Wait, backup! Did NZXT just use the word ‘fluid’ when talking about my PC?”

Yes, we did…and it’s completely safe! Because the Kraken is a closed loop system, which means you never have to perform maintenance or worry about leaks. You just install it and it’s good to go. It’s also backed by our industry leading 6-year warranty so you can feel confident when selecting which Kraken is right for your setup. 

Now that you know what the Kraken is and understand how it works, let’s take a look at all the different versions that we offer.

Kraken Versions

The NZXT Kraken is currently available in three different radiator sizes, each with varying cooling potential. Generally speaking, the bigger the radiator size, the better the heat is dispersed. The Kraken is currently available in 140mm (X42), 240mm (X52), and 280mm (X62) configurations.

Here they are…

Every PC setup is different and the Kraken you choose depends on your specific hardware and needs. One thing that we do know for sure is that heat kills components and keeping your system as cool as possible is never a bad idea. And because water dissipates heat much more efficiently than air, we always recommend a Kraken!

Should I upgrade to the NZXT Kraken?

Some users game and stream on the same PC and need to keep their CPU cool during these intense sessions. Others may not necessarily need to lower their CPU temps but they like the look of the Kraken or prefer to prolong the life of their CPU for as long as possible. In some cases, it’s necessary when achieving maximum performance.

Some graphics cards get so hot that they have to throttle the performance in order to maintain a safe temperature. If GPU heat is slowing you down, mounting a Kraken using our NZXT Kraken G12 bracket will help keep your video card temps within safe ranges so you’re not forced to sacrifice performance.

Check out our Kraken compatibility chart below for a quick glance at compatibility, mounting options, Kraken G12 configuration and push/pull support.

NZXT Kraken Compatibility Chart

Kraken X42 Kraken X52 Kraken X62 Push/Pull


Front, Top Front, Top Front, Top Front


Front Front Front Front


Front Front

S340 Elite

Front Front Front


Front Front Front


Front, Top, Rear Front, Top Front, Top Front


Front, Top Front, Top Front, Top Front

Noctis 450

Front, Top, Rear Front, Top Front, Top Front, Top


Need Help Getting Started with the NZXT Kraken?

The Kraken comes with an instruction guide to help you with installation process but we also have plenty of additional support to help you out!

Take a look at some of these resources:

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact our support team and we’ll be able to help you find an answer.

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