How to Keep Your Wrists Healthy (During Lengthy Gaming Sessions)

PC users of all ages know all too well that lengthy sessions of using a PC in any manner leads to wrist pain. And it’s not just one of your wrists that can fall victim to this common PC user condition – those who rely more on a mouse may feel their wrist giving out more on their right hand, while those who rely more on the keyboard fall victim to wrist pain in their left hand.

It’s not uncommon for a daily PC user to experience pain and discomfort in both wrists. That feeling can linger on well after using a PC and significantly reduce a person’s of life. Eventually, sufferers of wrist pain develop carpal tunnel syndrome if they persist on doing whatever’s causing the discomfort, which is in this case PC use.

Thankfully there’s a simple way to avoid all of this nightmarish pain and discomfort: Wrist rests!

What is a Wrist Rest?

Designed to provide comfort during those long PC sessions, wrist rests provide support for your wrists while your fingers work or game away!

Traditional wrist rests are placed just below a mouse pad and/or keyboard where they can provide maximum support for your wrists. This allows you to use a PC for hours on end without feeling any discomfort or strain your wrists. The wrist rest alone is responsible for significantly reducing the symptoms and cause of carpal tunnel syndrome after it became a mainstream product within the PC community.

Over the years, the PC community has seen its fair share of alternatively-designed wrist rests made to further increase the level of comfort and overall ergonomics they provide to the user. Nowadays wrist rests come in all kinds of designs and are made from a long list of different materials.

One fine example of an alternative style of wrist rest are the Glorious Wooden Wrist Rests, which are made of 100% pure American-grade heartwood. They’re also available for both keyboards and mice, so you can rest assured that BOTH your wrists will be completely safe of carpal tunnel symptoms.

Wrist rests are understandably one of the most popular accessory products in the PC industry today. Anyone looking out for their health should opt to buy one. If you’re after a wrist rest that won’t peel away from friction, you should definitely check out the Glorious PC Gaming Race selection of wrist rests. Make sure to use promo code “NZXT-PC-HARDWARE” at checkout to get 5% off of any purchase.

Your wrists will thank you!