It’s Time for Mental Health Awareness Month!

Mental health is an issue that impacts all of us either directly or indirectly.

According to the World Health Organization:

  • One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives
  • Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

But despite how prevalent these issues are within our society and the gaming community today, especially during the ongoing pandemic, there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues that prevent many people from seeking the help that they need. In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, the team at NZXT is planning several blogs in support of those facing a mental health crisis today and every day. We want to share our own struggles and remind everyone reading this that we have been there and we support you.

As a first step, we want to share some resources that have positively impacted individuals here in dealing with their own mental health issues or a crisis of someone they know. Please note that these are just links but in a time of real crisis, the best first step is to call 911 for help. Talking to those you trust – like friends, family members, or a primary care provider – or seeking help from a therapist are all steps that anyone who needs extra support should take.

I Need Help

Knowing where you can call or reach out to in a crisis is incredibly important. Here are just a few of the places you can call if you ever need help.

Some helpful Advice or Resources

There is a lot of information out there so we pulled together some of the resources that have been the most helpful for us and our team.

  • The Jed Project Mental Health Resource Center: The Jed Foundation is a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults. They have created a resource center to research mental health issues and easily get some support if you or someone you care about is having some issues.
  • Mayo Clinic’s Guide to Supporting a Family or Friends Going Through Depression: An easy-to-read guide on how to spot and give support to someone going through mental health issues.
  • Games and Online Harassment Hotline Resource Page:The Games and Online Harassment Hotline is a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline created specifically with the gaming community in mind. They also have a resource section that is filled with access to all kinds of organizations and communities in support of gaming. It’s a great place to find information, communities to connect with or support.

Our Discord Server Welcomes Mental Health Discussions

In addition to sharing some of the above resources, we will also be using this morning to evaluate how we approach mental health on our Club Discord server. The Club is a place where our fans can come together and hang out, earn rewards, and even give us feedback on the products they would like to see the most. Up until recently, we have specifically disallowed users to discuss their mental health openly on the server. Our intent was to avoid topics that would make members of the community feel uncomfortable, however, we feel that this change could help prevent the perpetuation of the stigmas attached to mental illness and encourage more of our community to come together and share the issues so many of us have faced. We realized our community talking about mental health should not be avoided, but embraced. We have added a new channel to the Discord server that we hope will become a permanent part of our community and a place where our members can offer words of encouragement and support as well as share mental health resources.

Going forward, we hope to empower our community to support one another through the good times and bad times, and to help foster the community in as many ways as we can. Mental health will not always be sunshine and rainbows, but we as a community are here to support you through those rainy days, and to help you find your sunshine, or umbrella.

Thank you, everyone, and we hope to see you all join in on the conversation in #mental-health πŸ’œ