How to Install a Kraken Liquid Cooler on a CPU

The NZXT Kraken is the world’s first variable speed all-in-one liquid cooler.

It features a state-of-the-art pump designed to keep your PC’s noise to a minimum during heavy use.

Using the CAM software, you can also setup custom cooling profiles to match all your needs.


What’s Inside the Box?

Inside the Kraken packaging you’ll find:

– one radiator with pump
– one set of fans
– one backplate
– one 3-pin power cable
– one 4-pin power cable
– one USB cable
– one set of hardware

The Kraken all-in-one liquid cooler is designed to work with both Intel and AMD hardware.

How to Install a Kraken Liquid Cooler on a CPU


Step 1: To install the Kraken, prepare the backplate by moving all four sliders to their innermost position.

Step 2: Install the backplate on the rear of the motherboard, ensuring the sliders fit into the motherboard.

Step 3: Place the pump with the pre-installed bracket on the CPU, ensuring the standoffs go through the innermost holes of the bracket, and securely applying the thumbscrews.

Step 4: Place the fan on the side of the radiator with tubes. Use the fan screws and washers to install the fan on the radiator.

Step 5: Place the radiator in the case and use the screws and washer to mount it.

Step 6: Connect the 3-pin power cable from the pump to the 4-pin CPU power connector on the motherboard.

Step 7: Connect the SATA power cable from the pump to the SATA cable from the power supply.

Step 8: Connect the 4-pin fan cable to the first and second connectors on the fan power cable from the pump.

Step 9: Connect the USB cable from the pump to one of the available headers on the motherboard.

Step 10: After installing the Kraken, turn on your system and download the free CAM software at

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