[Infographic] The Top 25 Games Being Played by CAM Users

We’re excited to introduce you to our monthly Top 25 Games of the Month list!

Every month, we’ll break down which games have had you mashing your keyboards the most. What’s more, we’ll be picking a game from this Top 25 list to be our Featured Game of the Month — maybe it has a huge share of user hours, is just trendy AF, or we’re completely biased towards it because we can’t stop clicking away on it between sandwich bites at lunch. The Featured Game will receive its own special breakdown of the top 3 CPU and motherboard configurations gamers are using to play it, as well as FPS performance data.

We’re bringing you all this awesome information using our very own CAM software. CAM is kind of like J.A.R.V.I.S. for your PC, except it’s completely free, and you don’t need an Iron Man suit to enjoy its benefits. Also, CAM doesn’t talk out loud, because let’s face it, that would be really distracting while gaming. Featuring hardware monitoring, FPS tracking, real-time historic game data, a useful in-game overlay, and so much more, it’s no wonder that thousands of gamers have already downloaded CAM.

Month-to-month, we’ll point out the shifts that have occurred in the Top 25 list, as well as any rising stars to keep your eye on. We’ll probably say some pretty insightful things, too, at least every once in a while (we have our moments of brilliance).

Enjoy this first ever Top 25 Games of the Month list, and look forward to next month’s and any surprising changes it might bring!


CAM’s Thoughts:

Unsurprisingly, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive occupy this month’s top spots. Of the hours logged by CAM users playing this month’s top 25 games, 24% of that time has been spent on LoL. 20% has been spent on CS:GO, meaning that a combined 44% of the total hours logged this month has been spent on these two games alone!
If there’s any game on this list that might be able to dethrone one of the aforementioned titles, it just might be The Division. With rewarding party play and even more content rolling out in the future, it might possibly hog a greater share of the number of hours played when we revisit this list next month.
When we break down the numbers, we see that 49% of CAM users have GTX 980 Ti’s churning out The Division at a buttery 90 FPS – slightly beating out the R9 200 and GTX 970. On the CPU/MOBO combo side of things,  45% of users are playing The Division on ASUS Maximus VII Hero motherboards paired with i7-4790K CPUs. Following closely behind at 39% are MSI Z170 Gaming M5 motherboards paired with the i7-6700K CPU.


  • To find the percentages listed, we’ve taken each individual game’s number of hours played and divided that number by the combined total hours played for all 25 games. The higher the percentage, the more hours CAM users have spent playing that particular game.
  • FPS data is gathered in real-time via CAM and stored in the cloud for safe keeping.

Download CAM for your PC, Android Phone, or Apple iPhone at camwebapp.com