How to Install NZXT Aer RGB Fans

NZXT Aer RGB fans are designed to integrate seamlessly with our popular Gen 1 RGB Controller. This means Aer RGB fans are able to provide your PC with optimal airflow while giving you the added benefit of advanced lighting customizations. And because you can group up to 5 Aer RGB fans per channel, you’ll be able to have extensive lighting modes that work in perfect harmony alongside Gen 1 RGB Controller LED strips.

Key Features of NZXT Aer RGB Fans

Made for Gen 1 RGB Controller

Connect to Gen 1 RGB Controller to unlock a full suite of lighting features designed specifically for the Aer RGB. Enjoy all the benefits that come with Gen 1 RGB Controller, including CAM’s ease of control and lighting that synchronizes with Gen 1 RGB Controller LED strips.

Countless Possibilities

Aer RGB supports up to 5 fans per Gen 1 RGB Controller lighting channel. Link them together and designate fans to groups. Aer RGB includes all of the lighting presets from Gen 1 RGB Controller and introduces exclusive modes such as the RPM mode.

Optimal Cooling

Aer RGB fan blades are designed for optimal airflow while keeping noise to a minimum with a winglet-tip design. Fluid dynamic bearings provide long-lasting silent operations.


The Aer RGB fan achieves even light dispersion through specifically engineered light guides and 8 LEDs.

Key Specs of NZXT Aer RGB Fans

Dimensions: 120mm or 140mm

Voltage: 12V DC

Speed: 500-1,500 RPM

Airflow: 20-61.4 CFM (120mm), 23.9-71.6 CFM (140mm)

Noise Level: 22-31 dBA (120mm), 22-33 dBA (140mm)

Lifetime: 60,000 Hours / 6 Years

Bearing: Fluid Dynamic

Connector: 4-pin PWM

How to Install NZXT Aer RGB Fans

Step 1Connect Molex power cable to Gen 1 RGB Controller.


Step 2 – Connect the USB cable to the motherboard and to Gen 1 RGB Controller.


Step 3 – Connect the controller cable to the Gen 1 RGB Controller and to the Aer RGB’s IN port.


Step 4 – Use the 50cm or 10cm fan-to-fan cable and connect from the OUT port of the previous  fan to the IN port of the next fan.


Step 5 – Use the extender cable to link two Fan-to-Fan cables together to extend length.


Step 6 – Connect the Aer RGB’s 4-pin power cable to the motherboard or fan controller.


Optional: Connect the low noise adapter to the fan’s 4-pin before connecting to the motherboard to lower the fan’s noise.

Step 7: Download CAM at to power and control the NZXT Aer RGB Fans


Where to Buy NZXT Aer RGB Fans

NZXT Aer RGB Fans are now available for pre-order at

For a complete list of authorized retailers, please visit