How to Earn Rewards on the NZXT Discord Server

Photo taken by NZXT Discord community member:Β ADoorMatt#7311
Blog written by NZXT Discord community member: Theosmush#1337

The NZXT Club is a way for you to earn rewards by joining NZXT’s Discord community. By joining the NZXT Club, you’re able to get free rewards you can’t find anywhere else. It’s also a great way to meet people from all over the world!

What are NZXT Club rewards?

Here’s what you get (for free) when you join the NZXT Club:

Level 5: NZXT Stickers

Level 10: NZXT Lanyard

Level 20: NZXT T-shirt

Level 40: NZXT Hoodie

Level 50: NZXT Puck Plush

Remember, these are all physical rewards that are 100% free and you don’t have to pay for anything, not even shipping. Unlocking these reward levels also grants you access to others aspects of the Discord server so it’s always guaranteed to be a fun time with your friends!

How do you earn NZXT Club rewards?

The NZXT Club uses an XP system that lets you unlock levels. The way you earn XP is by chatting on the Discord server as you normally would. Every message you send per minute will grant you a random number of XP between 15-25 which gets added up until you are able to unlock the next level.

The NZXT Discord server has many different channels for you to chat in and earn XP. Just remember to not spam and keep the chats relevant to the channel or the XP bot will issue you a warning. For example: posting memes in the #hardware channel or spamming emotes in #general are generally frowned upon.

Once you start earning XP and unlocking levels, don’t forget to check in on the leaderboard so you can flex your rank!

How do you claim NZXT Club rewards?

After ranking up to the appropriate level, you will be granted a special role and gain access to a private channel. In this channel you will have the ability to chat and interact with other members of the same or higher role. Once you’re in the channel, check the pinned messages to access a link to an order form where you provide your shipping information.

The length of time it take to receive your rewards varies depending on where you live and when you submitted the form. Rewards are processed at the beginning of each month and take 1-2 weeks to get all packed up and ready to go out to you. After that, it takes 1-2 weeks to get the rewards shipped to you and another 1-2 weeks to get the rewards delivered to you.

If you live in the United States, it takes about one month to receive your rewards. If you live outside of the United States, it can take up to two months for your rewards to be delivered depending on your location and local postal service. This can also take longer if you live somewhere that’s difficult to ship to, but NZXT always makes sure to help you get items delivered as fast as possible.

Other important information about the NZXT Club rewards

Now that you’re in the NZXT Discord server and an official member of the NZXT Club, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. It’s important that you engage with the community and discuss something that interests you instead of farming XP just to earn rewards. Don’t worry, there are many things you can talk about – we even have a pets channel!
  2. It’s also important you read and understand the rules before posting in the server, otherwise you will get warned and/or banned. The rules are easy (basically, just be nice) so take a moment to read them and ask questions if you are uncertain about anything. The last thing the mods want to do is ban you so this is very important.
  3. Lastly, it’s also important that you do your best to foster community and help other members. Answer questions, point people in the right direction, and invite others to join the fun. The NZXT Club is all about the community so the more you contribute to it, the better it will be!

Thanks for reading and see you at the NZXT Club!